My Husband Helps With House Chores— Dakore Akande

Screen diva, Dakore Egbuson-Akande has been married to billionaire son, Olumide Akande for seven years now. For a celebrity marriage, you wonder how they have kept their union intact. Pretty, vibrant and full of wits, Dakore isn’t known to celebrate her wedding anniversaries on social media unlike some actresses. To her, this is unnecessary.
“I just don’t want to be putting our stuffs out like that,” she said.
According to her, such occasions are rather kept behind the scene and not displayed to the public.
“Marriages nowadays, my mother always say, ‘cover your yam and how you’re eating it.’ Like on his birthday, I just do maybe some posts on Instagram but we like to celebrate anniversaries in-house with the kids. We’ve been together for 11 years but married for seven years.”

She also confessed that her husband helps with house chores and that makes him an unusual African husband.
“Yes, he takes care of his kids. He’s not your typical African man,” she said.
That she is still acting romantic scenes is commendable because she is now married.
Does her husband approve of the passionate kiss she had with Richard Mofe-Damijo in the new series, Castles & Crystals?
Dakore said, “Since the beginning of my career, I have been selective of the kind of people I work with, and the kind of scripts I accept. It’s part of having the spirit of exce lence. My passionate kiss with RMD comes with the job. I try as much as I can to steer away from such romantic roles, but I can’t keep steering and find myself totally out. However, my husband and I have an understanding. At the end of the day, I’m his wife; he is the one I go home to. He is the one I love. He is the father of my kids. RMD and I also have a connection, we have done such movie before. We both understand duty call.”
On having another baby after her two beautiful girls, Akande said she is done with child bearing.