Muma Gee Files For Divorce, Cites Threats To Life By Husband, Prince Eke

After six years of marriage, with the union producing three children, popular Nigerian singer, Muma Gee, has filed for divorce from her Nollywood actor husband, Prince Eke.


This is according to her publicist and close friend Don Saint.

Confirming the crash of the union today, February 26, 2017, Don Saint said more details will be released this week as Muma Gee fears for her life and safety following series of death threats from her now estranged husband.

“Her husband, started the media attention in the first place and Muma Gee had earlier decided not to go public or share messy details of their union on social media. But it became necessary that she had to clear the air as most people felt that her husband was the victim and was saying the truth,” he said.

Signs that the marriage was troubled showed on December 14, 2016 when the actor husband took to Instagram to accuse his wife of running after other men in Abuja’s drinking joints and night club.

He wrote: “This is not a cheap publicity, I am not washing my dirty linens in the public, neither do I want to invoke pity. How nice is it for a woman to abandon her 3 months old baby for 4 weeks and ran off to Abuja with God knows who and is being seen in Abuja at public joints and night clubs with different men. I really can’t stomach it any longer and at this point the world should know for posterity sake.”

However, citing another Instagram post by Prince Eke on Saturday, Don Saint alleged that the actor and father of three kids (all Muma Gee’s) wrote that Muma Gee should be prepared to rest in peace.

“Prince Eke stated that Muma Gee should prepare to rest in peace, along with a photo of his kids and eldest sister in the post,” Don Saint said.

muma gee1
He also added that Muma Gee made an official report to the Nigerian police last night on the matter.

“The singer says her estranged husband took the photos when she granted him access to see their kids at Sheraton hotel Lagos between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday night. She added that as soon as they parted ways, he took the photos immediately and posted on the Internet, thereby creating the impression that she abandoned her kids while he was just seeing them in months.

“Unknown to Muma Gee, his plan was to get the photos for his Instagram post. We have photo evidence of domestic violence and battering that led to their break up on the night of November 5 2016, before he packed out of their house into a hotel next street to their home in Port Harcourt, and with all sorts of false allegations to assassinate her character.”


The couple met at a Redeemed Christian Church of God in Omole, Lagos State, and got married a few weeks after. The union produced three children including a set of twins.