Mercy Johnson Reveals Her Husband Is A Saint!

If you never thought that Nollywood A-list actress, Mercy Johnson is married to a saint,you need a rethink. She has revealed in a recent interview that Prince Odi, her husband and father of her three children, is a saint.
According to her, her husband is a saint and the closest thing after God’s existence.
When asked what drew her to her husband, Mercy told Nigerian Tribune that:
“My husband is a saint. Everything. My husband is not someone you interact with, with your body. He is someone you commune with, with your soul. You just love his soul.
He is everything bottled in one person. I don’t know how to explain him. My husband is the closest thing after God’s existence. I am not saying he is perfect, but l love that man too much [Sings]. Sometimes I can’t explain him.
I used to have mentors, but for some time now it has been my husband. He has the best things to say about everything. I am always awed by the way he reasons.
He has certain perception of life that intrigues me. For like four years now, he has been my mentor. He makes me see things right. And we all need a person who makes us see the best in everything. So, yea, my husband is my mentor.”

On about her relationship with Radical for Jesus, Tonto Dikeh, Mercy said:

“She’s my girl. She is like a sister to me. We outgrow things. We both have kids and are raising them.”

She also talked about her Christian faith and role interpretations, the mother of three said:

“Yes, I am a born-again Christian. I wouldn’t say it influences my role because as a Christian you are a bridge maker. People should look at you and tell the difference.”