Mbong Amata Still Single, Flaunts Sexy Body In New Photos

For those who think actress and ex beauty queen, Mbong Amata would get married four years after her divorce from international producer/director, Jeta Amata, this isn’t a piece of pleasant news.
Mbong is still single.
Though as beautiful as ever, the former Mrs. Amata, who was born in 1985, has decided savouring every aspect of being single again.
Sharing photos of her sexy body on Instagram, Mbong who is currently in the US, is still as smashing as when she won a crown as the second runner-up of Miss Nigeria in 2004!

Mbong Amata

Mbong Amata

The actress met her ex husband Jeta Amata in 2001 and they got married in 2008, but they divorced in 2014.
Both she and Jeta are still single.
In a 2017 interview, the actress revealed why her marriage to Jeta Amata didn’t work.
Speaking about her split from Jeta Amata she said “I had dreams and aspirations as a young girl and I had my career ahead of me though I got into marriage at a very young age. At some point one had to give way for the other.”
Jeta Amata, giving his own version on what led to their separation, said, “Mbong got tired because I didn’t give her as much room as I should have. She is an actress, I’m a director, I insist on the kind of job she should take.
“Someone calls her from Nigeria “hey, can you fly down to Nigeria for this”? I ask for the script, and I’m like “no way”.