Lovehaven Magazine Debuts

Lovehaven magazine is here.
Really, this is coming late because I should have published this long ago.
After my 16-year sojourn as an Assistant Editor in PUNCH newspapers in 2016, where I was pioneer Editor/founder S.P.I.C.E and also head of the Features desk, its has been an entirely new but exciting experience in the world of Digital Journalism.

Running my blog, http://kemiashefonlovehaven has taken so much of my time that I could not sit for a photo shoot to mark my 45th birthday on October 9. It’s been tasking, I’ve had fun, lost sleep and pounds of flesh in the process!

But like gold, I came out stronger, finer, more youthful in my thoughts and with a sense of responsibility to delivering the best to not only my huge followers on social media, but advertisers who trusted me enough to market their products and brands on the blog.
Indeed I remain grateful to all advertisers especially the financial institutions that have always been a pillar of support.
I should not forget Ntel—Nigeria’s most advanced mobile 4G/LTE network which provides to Nigerians, superfast Internet Access that enables high-definition voice, data and video services—theirs was the first advert on the blog in 2016.

Well, I love the Cover Couple and I’m very sure you would enjoy the interview of Pa & Ma Akanni.

At 80, I was surprised during the course of the interview when Pa Akanni stood up and helped check what his 78-year-old wife was cooking in the kitchen. Strong and with a rare gift of recalling dates and events, Pa Akanni would make a younger husband go green with envy.

They both bear the name Bola and would always be seen together everywhere they go dressed in the same attire.

For a love that started with Ma Akanni proffering a kind gesture in 1959 to getting a wedding ring in 1964, this couple has what it takes to make a home last forever.

There is more to this edition than meets the eye. You would love the amazing love story of buxom comedian, Oluwabibs and her beau.

What is a Lovehaven magazine if we don’t include our trademark—Dating? Well, there are 10 Adams for 10 Eves to grasp in the column Dating Dome.

In the same vein, there is no Lovehaven if the ‘Love Doctor’ column is absent. These letters are quite emotional and some, heart-breaking. Be free to go through all the pages.

Again, thanks for identifying with my brand always.


Kemi Ashefon.