Linda Ikeji’s Baby’s Paternity Saga Rages On As Blogger Stella Dimoko-Korkus Calls Her Sperm Thief!

What started a a plagiarism war has catapulted to revealing more about how the paternity of Linda Ikeji’s baby.
On Friday Novmber 16, 2018 war broke out between bloggers, Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimoko-Korkus.
For copying and pasting a story she ‘stole’ from Stella Dimoko-Korkus’s blog, these two bloggers are set to fight publicly
Stella, whose exclusive interview with society big girl, Ehi Ogbebor was lifted without permission by Linda, has revealed how Linda has continually lifted stories without acknowledge the source.
Stella wrote:
Linda the next time you want to lift an interview I did,there is something called GIVING CREDIT. The next time you try it again I will teach you that two can play. Enough already. Quoting an interview I did as if the interviewer does not exist is wrong. This is me talking. I fear no one and keeping quiet doesn’t mean I don’t wanna talk. Enough said!”
Then, a reply was issued to Stella from Linda. Citing an example of when Stella also ‘stole”a certain interview from Linda’s blog, Linda wrote:

Then, Stella became furious.
Labelling Linda as a thief, Stella said in her post: “just an idiot for replying me this way in a disrespectful manner. Maybe you should refer to your family as HANTY. You are an idiot for that reference LInda. If you want to fight in the mud ,come on! When you lifted all my stories from Encomium to build your Blog I didn’t call you out but from now on I will show you how to steal stories and look the other way. If you want to call names I have plenty for you,don’t push me.i pick my battles and you are small fry. You are a content thief and nothing will change that. Reply me again please!”

And then Stella decided to reveal what many never knew about Linda. To her, Linda Ikeji is a Sperm Thief!

She wrote, “Linda the snake,Why are you using other people to reply me? Talk to me directly and stop hiding.i see they are urging you to fight on. I may not be as rich as you claim to be but I don’t steal people’s sperm and I don’t go to peoples hotel room to steal stuff not given to them. I don’t lie on people and I don’t bad mouth people and put them on speaker the way you do your celeb friends and laugh at them. The people fighting for you did u tell them the reason you and I don’t talk? Sperm thief Content thief and the other one. Come out of your maternity leave and stop hiding. You stole my stories to build your blog. I couldn’t do anything and when it was too much I lifted your interview to show you how it feels but no u didn’t get the message becos it runs through you. I carried my kids in my womb and I know who their father is, and I am so proud of myself. Like I said you are small fry. #please reply again and I will get back to you if I am still less busy and if not I will reply you as soon as I can.”

Recall that Kemi Olunloyo, since Linda Ikeji gave birth, has continually revealed that the baby came via surrogacy.
She alleged that Linda Ikeji has a surrogate baby.

According to Olunloyo, the childbirth was all staged and Linda was photoshopped into the picture which shows her in a hospital bed in America.
Below are her some of Olunloyo’s tweets about Linda Ikeji and Baby J.
”✓How Linda Ikeji fooled Nigerians for months with a moonbump ✓Solaye Jeremi wants no association with Linda. Says he is not the father or boyfriend ✓How Linda’s graphic artists photoshopped her and family into @EmoryUniversity hospital bed
✓How Linda failed to pay attention to details. USA neonatal blankie, no hospital staff in pictures, LIVE or RECORDED videos ✓My Phone call to @emoryhealthcare asking to visit “a Linda Ikeji” in maternity ward and no such patient exists.”
Meanwhile, the war continues as Stella is bent on revealing what we never knew about Linda.