Kwam 1’s Son Calls Out Girlfriend On Twitter Over Hard Drugs

With the recent gale of deaths of some young Nigerians due to drug abuse, there is apprehension among celebrities and the need to watch over their kids and wards has been emphasised.

It was not surprising therefore when son of popular Fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde known as Kwam 1, rapper Farouk Marshal recently revealed in a series of tweets that he is under pressure to do ‘crack’. He called out his girlfriend for trying to put him under pressure to do the “crackhead shit they do”.
The young rapper, Farouk added that he feels insulted and wonders why people would see drugs as the new wave when often times, it leads to depression.
He wrote:
Stop trying to pressure people to do the crackhead shit you do. Pop your drugs on your own time. Shorty really just called me lame for turning down whatever pill that was. What kinda lowlife shit y’all be on these days? It’s real people out here addicted to drugs based off depression and some of y’all do it just because you think it’s a “wave”. Smh”