Kemi Olunloyo Still On Linda Ikeji’s Surrogacy Case: “Her Childbirth Photos Were Photoshopped”

Well, the last has not been heard about Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy and subsequent childbirth.
For self-acclaimed journalist/pharmacist, Kemi Olunloyo, there is more to Linda’s baby’s birth than meets the eye.
She alleged that Linda Ikeji has a surrogate baby.

According to Olunloyo, the childbirth was all staged and Linda was photoshopped into the picture which shows her in a hospital bed in America.
Below are her recent tweets about Linda Ikeji and Baby J.
”✓How Linda Ikeji fooled Nigerians for months with a moonbump ✓Solaye Jeremi wants no association with Linda. Says he is not the father or boyfriend ✓How Linda’s graphic artists photoshopped her and family into @EmoryUniversity hospital bed
✓How Linda failed to pay attention to details. USA neonatal blankie, no hospital staff in pictures, LIVE or RECORDED videos ✓My Phone call to @emoryhealthcare asking to visit “a Linda Ikeji” in maternity ward and no such patient exists.”

When a Twitter user tried to tell her to mind her business instead of trying to ruin Linda’s life, Kemi Olunloyo quickly reminded the person that Linda Ikeji did worse to others via her popular blog.