Janet Jackson Wears Ankara, Dances To Yoruba Talking Drum & Wows With Performance Mixed With Yoruba Songs

One of the bestselling queen artistes of all-time, Janet Jackson, has thrilled thousands of fans on ‘The Tonight Show’, starring Jilly Fallon.
Janet, who was ushered in to the arena in Yoruba Language by drummers, sang “Asiko Ope, Janet ti de” sequel to her performance of “Made for Now” done in collaboration with Daddy Yankee.
In the four-minute plus video on YouTube, three men in colourful ankara costumes were seen beating the talking drum while simultaneously singing “Asiko Ope, Janet ti de” to the applause of the audience.
African-Yoruba fusion was visibly present in the debut performance of the song with the dancers gyrating as Janet exhibited why she remains a force to reckon with in the music industry. The stage was also designed in ankara costumes.
So far, the video has generated over 1.4 million views and has 5,946 comments, mostly praises of the uniqueness of the performance, as at the time of filing this story.
Brianna, who left her comments on the video, said, “Latinos, American black folk, Afro-Latinos, Africans, and Caribbeans I feel like are the most lit people on earth hahaha. Forget what the haters say.”
Michisha Jiles said, “I have watched this video on your website like 40 times… I love you Janet! Hands down number one pop diva of all time! I grew up trying to watch and learn your dance steps! It’s because of you and Michael I wished I had that talent to dance and grove and get paid to do it! Trying to learn that breakdown dance now! It’s the bomb!!
“And those two dancers (the light-skinned woman with the red fro and the dark-skinned woman that hops in the front on the breakdown dance) they are killing it! I watched them on the last live performance and they killed it then! They are talented and I pray they go far!!! Come back to LA Janet, I missed you because I was sick and on prego disability…”
My Next Move is Always My Best Move said, “This video reminds me of how beautiful NYC is and how you can experience so many cultures here… like literally walk from Africa to into Puerto Rico to Dominican Republic to China to Italy… it’s beautiful here”

Big Town Entertainment said, “This is beyond awesome! I like the message, your perfect voice, fashion, etc”
Neh-Bih Sangbong said, “I love the African and Caribbean influence. This is what I love. When artists pay tribute and give credit to where their sound and influence comes from and Janet did just that. That’s why she’s a Queen. African, Caribbean, Reggaeton, Latin, I love the music. Among my favourite genres of music. Awesome.”
Guimel Sibingo said, “This song is a perfect representation of the unity and similarities between Latin culture and African culture. We love to dance, celebrate and enjoy the rhythm of life! We are all better together and united! Celebrating my African and Latin brothers and sisters!!! #MadeForNow #Unity.”