Iyabo Ojo Exposes Colleagues!

No one can really say what she is out to achieve with this post. But then, she has decided exposing the ills inherent in the make-believe industry.
For Iyabo Ojo, actress and mum of two teenagers who are studying abroad, there is the need to unveil what Nollywood Yoruba industry stands for—treachery, gossips, back-stabbing and lip-service.
Marking her 20th year in the entertainment world, Iyabo wrote:
MY INDUSTRY, I JUST CAN’T COMPREHEND!!! Gossip, Envy, Faux, Backstabbing & Biting ???? the list goes on

We never truly support our own, we’re just friends when it suits. How well we’re perfect deceiving our fans…. that’s why we are ACTORS ???

Can I just hint y’all that we are just colleagues in some shit competition that no one understands, unfortunately not only two can play the game…. but hundreds can play the role.
But then, why can’t we all understand that we are all different, unique in different ways, aspiring to be more successful. …
Have you ever come to terms that fingers are never equal? Be grateful for what you have and stop seeking someone else’s downfall…. or is the character included in the script? ….
.. Oh yes, we get along with some, yet we are mindful of our utterances because all they wanna know is your ???. Then we act for the gram where we seek validation for our not so real relationships ???…. problems starts when you refuse to let them into your business, you become a rival and a threat… boom, they start rewriting the script…… and when they’re done destroying you, they move to the next gullible victim….. Damn, we are professionals in this field… Trust me. …

What about the motivational writers ???…. The script gets changed every seconds, at least to suit them….. The victim players… awon rumour mongers. Don’t be fooled……Watch, Learn, get entertained & move on.

… We are all acting ???

.. 20 years of entertainment, different roles, same game…. Trust me when I say, the game is not for a leaner…. you gotta to be rooted. It’s unexplainable…

Don’t be fooled our industry is a make-believe world…. …

Keep ur circle small & keep ur shit to urself

if u know, u know”