Is Moyo Lawal Battling Depression? Contemplating Suicide?

The petite Nollywood actress has been off social media for a while.

Known to be boisterous and chatty with her fans and followers, it was a demure Moyo who shared a photo and captioned:

“Dear Lovers …… Am sorry ,I have been away and silent this past couple of months but you see ,I haven’t been able to explain what was going on in my mind and my heart. All i know, is that I have been living in a body fighting to survive with a mind that has been trying to die. ………………. P.s I missed you,so so much ? ML.” (sic)

Though Moyo has expressed in some of her previous posts that she is the firstborn in her family and she is under pressure to get married, could this be why depression set in?

Moreover, happy-go-lucky Moyo has friends in Nollywood who aren’t married and they all enjoy one another’s company. Why should depression set in?
Anyways, the post is disturbing and should not be ignored by her friends and colleagues.