IBB’s Daughter-In-Law Still Longing For Two Kids Who She Has No Access To

Though quite painful for a woman to have access to just two of her four children, it’s not anyone’s fault that the couple ended up in court over custody of their four children.

For Rahmayi, daughter of billionaire businessman, Mohammed Indimi, her divorce from Mohammed Babangida cost her two kids which are with her former husband.
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But she also has two kids living with her.

The 14-year-old marriage crumbled like a pack of badly stacked cards and it led to a battle for the custody of their four children.

The judgment afterwards allowed two kids to remain with her and the other two with her ex-husband, Mohammed.

Sharing a picture of her two children who are with her, Rahmayi who was in Spain with her children to celebrate her father’s 70th birthday, shared the photos of self and the two kids with a caption:
Alhamdullilah ? may Allah keep my other two safe. Ameen #baba@70”
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While Mohammed Babangida is happily remarried, Rahmayi is still single.