I Don’t Know Why My Husband Doesn’t Want Me

Dear Kemi,

I am 26, a mother of two, beautiful and sexy. My husband had refused sex with me since we moved in with him. There was a particular lady he was living with and she must have made him behave as if I was not his wife. Though he chased women a lot, I have been faithful to him and I had to go for an HIV/AIDS test. It read negative. The doctor even advised that I don’t have sex with him without condoms. Do I work things out with him because these girls call him daily?
Lekki, Lagos.

I really don’t understand what you meant by ‘we moved in with him’. Were you living apart? Or you just got pregnant, had kids and not properly married to him? That you even went for an HIV/AIDS test just to prove that you have not been infected defines the extent of his infidelity. I would agree that you work things out with him. He is a father and should be a good example to his kids. No nagging, ignore every attempts to frustrate you or make you pack out of the house. Womanising is a demonic hold on men to cause unrest in homes. It makes them stray away from God’s will for marriage. Let him realise your love for him and the reason why he needs to change.