I Don’t Care If She Is A Prostitute, I want her! (Love Tales)

While in the university, Bimpe was a prostitute. That was the only way she could make ends meet. Her parents—her late father, an artisan, died before she completed high school while her mother fend for them from her petty trading.

Life was tough and Bimpe’s mother tried convincing her to dump her education, start a trade or probably get hooked to a man, who will make life a little less burdensome for her.
But the young girl knew the importance of education and never made any of these choices. She was determined to get a university degree no matter what it would cost her.
Shortly after her admission into the university, she became a prostitute and kept the company of like minds. She made enough to keep body and soul together and even sent to her family for their upkeep. Though her mother asked several times how she got the money, Bimpe never gave any favourable response.
Her stock in trade soon took an upward swing when she met a middle aged man, Olabode. He was married but fell helplessly in love with her and was even prepared to make her his second wife. He subsequently elevated her status from a struggling undergraduate to that of a ‘big girl, who lived in luxury.
That ended the life of trading her body for money, at least temporarily.  A year after, her whirlwind romance with Olabode ended on a sad note. He was nowhere to be found and for six months, he never showed up at her door-steps. 
Bimpe, who, then was in her final year, soon became dry financially—her cash cow’s absence put a lot of strain to whatever was left in her account. Left with no choice, Bimpe went back to what she knew how to do best—prostitution.
But she met her waterloo when, from nowhere, Olabode suddenly re-surfaced and accidentally bumped into her in another man’s company. It was at a private welcome party organised in his honour by his friends.
Again, Bimpe was back to the streets.

..To be continued
N.B Names and events are fictitious