How Obasanjo’s Son Was Manipulated By Mum To Crash His Marriage To Adebutu’s Daughter

The May 13, 2017 extravagant wedding between one of the sons of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Olujonwo and one of the daughters of Chief Kessington Adebutu, Temitope seems to have hit the rock.

With the court documents that went viral recently in some blogs, its obvious Olujonwo Obasanjo is ready to shut down his 12-month-old union.

Citing Domestic Violence as one of his reasons for seeking divorce, Jonwo also complained before a Lagos court that his life has been under threat.

“It’s a lie, Jonwo Obasanjo is acting a script already written by his mum, Taiwo Obasanjo,” revealed a source close to the couple.

Recall that Jonwo Obasanjo’s mum, Taiwo, had failed to attend the wedding because of the dates chosen by the two families. She granted interviews accusing Chief Obasanjo, Chief Adebutu,her twin brother, Kenny Martins and Mrs Rosemary Adebutu for forcing the marriage on the couple.

“That wedding cost Chief Adebutu over N200m. The Obasanjos’ only contribution to the wedding was the dowry and other requirements listed for a proper traditional wedding which they brought to the hall. Then, Jonwo also gave Tope money for her wedding dress,” revealed family sources.

Not done, friends of Tope also rose to her defence.

“Jonwo Obasanjo must have forgotten to tell the court that he married Tope Adebutu for material gains. Before the wedding held in 2017, he got a contract from Tope’s brother, Segun Adebutu, who is the CEO of Petrolex Oil and Gas. He was awarded the contract and was paid N35 million and allegedly didn’t execute the Contract and didnt refund the money.

The Petrolex contract

Mr Segun Adebutu did that to help Jonwo who was living in his father’s house before and after the marriage. He lived in one of the apartments at the OBJ’s hilltop estate in Abeokuta.

“If Tope was living just a stone throw from Baba Obasanjo’s apartment at the Hilltop mansion, then how could she have assaulted her husband without his father getting to know? Aside the fact that Jonwo didn’t have enough money to maintain his home and wife, the marriage suffered constant interferences from his mum, Taiwo Obasanjo, who didn’t like her son’s choice of wife.

At some point in the marriage,after he has abandoned his home, he sent a Separation letter to his estranged wife asking for a separation and promising to that they remain friends. Maybe he forgot to include that aside the contract he refused to carry out, Tope’s brother also paid N5m for Jonwo’s rehabilitation.

Jonwo’s separation letter

Though Jonwo’s family repaid the N5m, he should have stated before the court on the fact that he was at a rehab.

That he made the court summons public to some blogs shows a desperate man. All he presented as evidences to the court as allegations against Tope are false. He did that because he knew Tope , a serving Magistrate in Abeokuta, would not publicly react due to her career.