Horror As Toyin Lawani Loses Baby, Set To Remove Womb

Fashion mogul and mother of one, Toyin Lawani has expressed what she’s going through lately, based on how she’s been trolled for the wrong reason. The CEO of Tiannah Empire Place, revealed on Instagram that she had two breast lump removals, four fibroid surgeries, and one laparoscopic surgery.

She wrote:
“You don’t know my story you just know about me �And they see the incisions on my stomach , they say oh that’s from cosmetic surgery �♀️ I get really hurt , BITCH shut the Bleep up�im freezing my eggs , im taking my womb out , what will you know about the jabs I take , Or the big cut on my lower belly like csection which I have never had , had all my kids naturally, I will wear all my scars with pride cause they are my trophy, I earn them from fighting for my life daily ,I have had 2breast lump removals ,four Fibriod surgeries, one laparoscopic surgery, and I have 7 New Fibriod’s , yes it comes back even plus the numerous surgeries and the only choice is to take out the womb after years of constant surgeries and agonizing pain ,thank God I have two kids already , was trying to have one more recently but lost it , I don’t think there’s no Herbal concussion I haven’t tried or medicine �♀️All you all do is mock people you know nothing about, I hate pity cause I’m a warrior, so I don’t talk about these things, even when you talk about it they will still judge you , but y’all need to stop writing poo on my page , it’s upsetting, seriously pls stop, it’s hurts cause if I actually did the Ass surgery I won’t be mad , now you make me really want to do it �♀️want to watch All my Recent updates Register @ebonylifeon to watch now , I spoke about all this on @tiannahsempirerealitytvshow on #Dstv165 on @Ebonylifetv and I showed abit of the process of freezing my eggs, my Reality show is on tv in Nigeria , it’s educating and captivating, we don’t mislead people there ,i Empower and inspire Regardless of my health issues, you should do the same � I show you how to man up and the Rope to be An Amazing Entrepreneur even if you are A single mother � I just Thank God I don’t look like what I have been through ,don’t forget to grab @tiannahsglowproducts for your flawless skin at a discount �and my New Book #Beunstoppable -The Business Moguls Guide is now selling at the Palms �