For His Event Clashing With Hers, Lizzy Anjorin Insults, Threatens Saidi Balogun

Everyone knew why actor, Saidi Balogun changed the dates of his birthday bash—there were funerals of his late colleagues that week and then, preparations for Moji Olaiya’s burial too.

So, he chose July 4-7, 2017 and asked friends and colleagues to “ keep the date opened in your diary.”

But pretty actress, Lizzy Anjorin, has called out her senior colleague, Saidi on the date change and those who will anchor his event.

To Lizzy, though she didn’t mention anyone’s name, Saidi is a betrayer—Judas Iscariot. According to her, Saidi, who is playing a lead role in her latest work—Owo Naira Bet—not only fixed his event for 7-7-2017, he has employed some performers and Emcee she had planned using!

She has threatened to ”I will call on God, my late parents and some old people in my village if you try to destroy my career.”

She wrote on Instagram:

Imagine using smone you called a brother ‎to play lead role in your movie and you choosed a date for the Movie Premiere then this same person choose the same date for his event too, yet still call the same sets of people that suppose to Anchor your event…
My people is it right??? If you are the one what will you do???? As for me I will consult Baba Loke ,spirit of my late parent and my useful old pple in my village… lobata ..if you want to destroy my career, I will eat you raw..???☠☻. When you die dey go dey gather money up and down, but when you are alive, dem go dey back bite, betray and looking for your downfall.. I no dey cross people lane so don’t cross my lane.. I only respect God, good people, my family and my fans… Thank God you all know that Egun ni mi, mi o ki se eniyan..
I will unleash his name soon awon oloriburuku brother…epe inu awe lema gba ..imagine !!! Dey will call you advising you up and down not knowing they ve hiding agenda #youblockmylanei☠you.
” (sic)

Prior to this, Lizzy had changed the date for the film premiere twice.

Already, some Nigerians had faulted her use of English and mocked her on ‘choosed’ and ‘hiding agenda.’

On this, she said, “Fear makes sm brilliant people to keep silent…
Fear makes sm people to die untimely death…‎‎
Fear makes sm superstar die naturally even wen dey were still alive..
Fear kills a lot of Nigerian in a mysterious way(hanging,hypertension,stroke, cancer )etc…
Fear of WHAT WILL DEY SAY ??? I Lizzy Anjorin, I’m fearless, I don’t send anybody and I don’t give a fuck about what others think of me.. ‎Tell me what you ‘ve achieve with your grammar???
As old as you are, you don’t know that dog do menstruate(heat cycle) and you are there condemning “STOP JEALOUS” for pet..‎
I spent so much money on ADVERTS you guys said it’s local, yesterday I wrote “choosed and hiding” instead of “chose and hidden” you guys are crying over it.. Did you bother to ask yourself maybe it’s a typo error, mistakes, intentionally or bait? No abi?? Den you guys start showing d whole world how useless u are, bcos dey failed to give you good upbringing, so you started showing dem how retarded ur miserable life is. after u’ve finished d 10meg dey dash you, you slide into my dm or other celebrities dm to beg for money….
The only 3 things that tickle your empty brain is love affairs, lavish spender and horrific stories den you will start saying “Awwww Awwww Awwww” like an ambulance.. Until I finish my PREMIERE on 7-7 -17, I go dey carry my grammar hammer una head.. i know ya weak point haters, what you hate seeing is progress and good news but I will never ve bad news….
So, as for the JUDAS BROTHER, when i start with you, acting president will end up sending two of us out of this Country..
To my wonderful fans, do not fear 2 express yourself anytime, anyday, anyhow and anywhere, kill that fear, stand tall and break all d barriers……
” (sic)