Femi Branch Replies Estranged Wife Who Called Him Gold-Digger, Irresponsible Husband

All his fans, friends and colleagues have waited with bated breath on what he would say to all that his estranged wife, Ibitola, said in an interview on Monday.

Now, Femi has decided to respond.

First, he addressed the rumours of his third marriage.

Speaking through his spokesperson, Jonathan Daniel, the actor debunked the story.

In an interview with The Nation on Wednesday, Jonathan cleared the air on the supposed third marriage that hasn’t taken place.

He said, “My client does not wish to speak on the matter at the moment. He is too busy please. But he is not remarrying.”

On allegations by his second wife, Ibitola, who claimed she suffered domestic violence, leading to their separation, Daniel stated: “My client is also not saying anything on that. She can go ahead and say whatever she wants.”
In a recent interview with Encomium ng, the estranged wife of the actor, and mother of his two kids denigrated Branch as a sort of a forewarning to the purported British woman, he is planning to get married to.

Citing examples of his alleged irresponsible ways, Ibitola said,
Read full interview of Ibitola here:

Femi Branch’s Wife Reveals How Their Marriage Collapsed Says, ‘He Runs After Rich Women’

“He would tell me he has gone on location and he would lodge in a hotel, do whatever he likes. There was a time he was part of the crew following Jimi Agbaje during his campaign period. I was in Abeokuta then. After the whole exercise, everybody left the hotel except Femi. He was enjoying himself. One of his colleagues whom I had complained to called me to inform me that he was the only one left in the hotel. It is the same hotel he is indebted to now. He has a case at the Ikeja magistrate court. The story is true that he was locked up in Kirikiri. He is owing the hotel to the tune of millions.”