Fans, Friends Fight as Daniel Ademinokan shares secrets about ex wife, Doris Simeon, son

Daniel Ademinokan

started with his Facebook post in the early hours of Wednesday, April 13, 2016.

A partner( as he indicated) of
Stella Damasus, late Jaiye Aboderin’s widow, Ademinokan kicked off his ‘chronicle’
with prayers for his fans and others. He also thanked them for their support.
Then, he prayed for, “all the people
who have so much hurt and pain in their hearts that the only things they can
express and give out are pain, hatred, wickedness and negativity.”
Then, he lashed out at, “those who
are not willing to be delivered and saved can NEVER be saved.”
He said, “I guess some people,
though fully aware of the hurt and pain they feel inside, are not willing to
let go of the evil that lives inside of them because they get a certain kind of
‘high’ when they have the opportunity the pour out their misguided hatred and
anger towards other people that are ‘seemingly’ down.”
After the prayers, he declared he
was not a celebrity but a Delta guy, who God has blessed with a million ideas
and the ability to bring these ideas into reality.”
Not denying the fact that his life is,
‘an open book,” he cautioned people to, “take a chill pill about the negative
comments towards my ex-wife and I with our son David. The young man just turned
8 and is doing great. He has a great relationship with his mother and we are
OK. I don’t like the fact that the media and hateful people will start cooking
up details constantly trying to make me look bad. I’m trying to be a great
father to my son the best way possible. I really didn’t want to address this
but I guess sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horn and deal with
Doris and David(posted by Daniel today)
Ademinokan also said, “I have been
accused of being evasive on this matter by declining to grant interviews to the
press. Call it silence, foolishness. Being evasive or even maturity; but it is
how I have chosen to handle this. David (their son) has continued to have a
healthy relationship with his mother and it has NEVER stopped. I am not the
person who posts every single detail of his family’s private life on social
media but today I will share with the ‘hateful people’ and kind hearted fans
alike just two of the pictures of David and his mother taken here in Atlanta a
few months ago on one of her numerous visits. Do I have to post every phone
conversation, picture and visit for everyone to sleep at night? LOL.

“Please, let us raise our son in
peace. I am praying for God to give the ‘bitter people’, ‘jobless people’ and
‘sad-u-sees’ something more meaningful to do with their time, rather than
fabricate stories that are non-existent for their personal, momentary and
monetary satisfaction, totally oblivious of the fact that they are tarnishing
the character and name that some of us have spent time to build.
“I will leave you with this thought:
a person who has been down and out before does not preach or scream
condemnation. He/she screams mercy and grace. I have been down and I know how
it feels to be there, so all I can do is pray for grace over your life. If you
are down and you still don’t have a heart of mercy and grace…I leave you in
God’s hands.”
He lives abroad in Atlanta, USA with
his partner, Stella and David, Doris Simeon’s son also lives with them.
Daniel and ‘partner’ Stella Damasus
Then the fans’ comments poured in.
One Akowonjo Adeola, who
could not hide her anger posted
on Daniel’s wall on Facebook, “After Stella’s
husband died, she promised not to be involved with any man; her late husband
family never liked her (sic) For reasons no one can tell…and she was
older…but not too long she was with Obasanjo’s son…after all her vows to her
late..(sic) possibly she didn’t succeed having Obasanjo’s son to herself. The
fact is she is a pretender. She only hijacks what belongs to others. She is too
old for that young man. Just the way she was older than her late husband…This
same way her late husband loved her and never listen to anyone (sic)…it’s now
happening to u Daniel
….I hope u don’t end up like her late husband.(sic)..Doris can
never be happy, her son and her husband…That is her world (sic) and she took
it…Take ur man back Doris, it’s not over….!!!God can do it…? Assuming
it’s a different lady entirely fine…But this Stella is a devourer and
Another, Funke Dosunmu-Adebayo,
posted, “ I‘m not taking side here, even though
Daniel is my childhood friend but for those who are saying “go back to
David mum” the guy has another wife already so are u all advising him to divorce
his new wife? I don’t get it. Not everyone that has a child together are meant
to be together (sic). Love u all and wish God lead u to make the best decision
in favour of David
. (sic)
Then, one Charity Simeon blurted
out: “Daniel ask for God’s forgiveness you can lie, God will have mercy on you.”
What is Doris Simeon’s reaction to this? 
Watch out!!How my son was taken from me-Doris Simeon