Sometimes, I Cry Over What Has Been Written About Me— Jackie Appiah

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah, is fast taking over
the fashion scene. A fashionista, who doesn’t spare any cost in looking good,
she was spotted recently attired in a bottle green jumpsuit which not only
fitted her curvy frame but popped with the accessories she adorned.
According to her, she loves designer items. She said in
an interview, ‘I just wear anything that looks good on me. I love to experiment
and I like to wear designers.”
Just as she does not have a slim wardrobe, so is her
love for good automobiles. The actress who is known to flaunt designer labels
currently drives a Mercedes-Benz
G-Class luxury Sports Utility Vehicle with a customised number plate in her name.

But there is another side of fame which saddens her.
“Being in the limelight was not something I was
prepared for and it is not as easy as everyone thinks. I would say fame is the
most difficult thing to control because your life is no longer private. The
media is constantly on your trail and people think all sorts of things about
you. These are things that are beyond your control, you can’t get a hang of
them. Sometimes the tales are so terrible you just want to sit in your room and
“Somehow, I have learnt to ignore them so they do not affect me in any way.
Sometimes these stories get to you but over time I have learnt to ignore them.”

Agreed but
Jackie remains her fans delight anyday.