Exclusive! Femi Branch Unveils Third Wife

She is his third having done away with two other women in previous marriages.

Femi and Fadekemi

Femi and Fadekemi

With his third shot at marriage, friends, colleagues and fans eagerly awaited to see who the lucky woman is.
After the interview granted the media in 2017 by his second wife, Ibitola, Nollywood actor, Femi Branch went ahead with his plans to marry this pretty lady, former Ms Fadekemi Akanbi.
He showed off his wife at his installation as the Jagun Asa of Edeland. The actor was crowned Jagun by the Timi of Edeland, Oba Munirudeen Adesola Lawal, Laminisa I, a few weeks ago.
Posting several photos of the ceremony on Instagram, Branch captioned his wife’s photos as “
My rock….?????. My sweet fragrance…..Yeye Jagun Asa….Thanks for being my rock” (sic)

A member of the Havilah Mountain of Fire Church, London, United Kingdom which is pastored by Prophetess Olubori and her husband, Fadekemi was said to have been match-made with Femi Branch by the prophetess whom Femi holds in high esteem. He continually sings her praises on his social media handles.
The prophetess, who also refers to Femi as her son, was a pillar of support during his installation as Jagun. She flew from London to be at his side throughout the event in Ede, Osun State.

Femi, Fadekemi and Prophetess Olubori

Femi and his mum, Mrs. Branch

Femi and his second wife, Ibitola were married for 10 years but separated in 2016. They had two children in the marriage.
Ibitola cited domestic violence and irresponsible acts from Femi as her reasons for walking out of the marriage.