Exclusive! Court Throws Out Obasanjo’s Domestic Violence Suit Against Adebutu’s Daughter

“There was never any form of domestic violence meted from Mrs. Tope Adebutu-Obasanjo to her estranged husband, Jonwo, son of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.”
This was the verdict issued by an Igbosere Magistrate Court, in Lagos on November 8, 2018 and obtained by Kemiashefonlovehaven.

Screenshot of the Certified True Copy of the Judgment

The case was struck out by Magistrate O.O Oshin for want of diligent prosecution. Olujonwo, who was said to be absent in court on the said day, was also unrepresented by his solicitor.

Though both parties are now separated as a result of happenings in their 13-month-old union, Olujonwo Obasanjo had issued an affidavit on June 4, 2018 alleging that he has had to leave his matrimonial home as he feared for his life. He also called on the court to intervene and help prevent further attacks from his wife.

The documents went viral on social media.
However, his estranged wife, Tope Adebutu-Obasanjo, a Magistrate with the Ogun State judiciary, decided issuing a counter affidavit to state her side of the story. The sworn affidavit was signed and dated June 26, 2018 at an Igbosere Magistrate Court, Lagos.
Jonwo, who is now a politician and has camped with the All Progressives Congress (APC) was accused of neglect by his wife, Tope.

The beautiful fairytale wedding between the son of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the daughter of billionaire businessman, who is the Premier Lotto founder, Chief Kessington Adebutu started experiencing challenges when few weeks to the wedding, the groom’s mother, Mrs. Taiwo Obasanjo, filed a suit at an Ikeja High Court, seeking to stop the wedding of her son, Olujonwo, scheduled for May 11, 2017.

Ex-President Obasanjo and the father of the bride, Kessington Adebutu were respondents to the suit
Taiwo Obasanjo, who is the twin sister of Kenny Martins, former coordinator of the Police Equipment Fund, sought a postponement of the wedding of her son because she wanted the wedding to be fixed for a date after June 1.

However, Olujonwo and Tope had an elaborate introduction on December 17, 2016 with social media awash with photographs of the event. The case was thrown out and the wedding held on May 13, 2017 despite threats from the groom’s mother.

That must have marked the genesis of the crash the union experienced because events which followed hinged on Olujonwo’s mother’s claim that her son never loved his wife and that she warned against the wedding holding before June of 2017.

Meanwhile, according to Jonwo’s wife in her sworn affidavit, the couple never experienced marital bliss. She revealed to have never been loved by her husband. Not only was Tope abandoned during their honeymoon in Monaco, her husband allegedly spent his time with other women while she waited for him to arrive since they did not travel together.

Not only that, she revealed his penchant for abandoning not only their home but their matrimonial bed which he barely slept.
“He was not close enough to me to consummate our marriage, which remains unconsummated as he maintained the constant habit of despising and distancing himself from me despite several efforts I made to endear myself to him.”
She added, “The Applicant (Jonwo) has always meted emotional and psychological hardship on me through the act of abandoning me in his father’s house where he kept me and rendering himself incommunicado during the period of desertion without giving me any reasonable or justifiable explanations upon his return.”

The couple has not responded to the court verdict.