Exclusive! Actress Iyabo Ojo Fights Lagos Socialite Over Pasuma

They were known to be very good friends. In fact, everyone referred to Iyabo Ojo and Lara Olukotun, who runs Larrit Shoes Village, as best friends.

They were an item. They partied together and at some point, Lara’s shoe business had Iyabo Ojo as its brand face.

Suddenly, there was a lull in their social appearances—Lara and Iyabo were not seen together again.

By the time Iyabo Ojo launched her Abula Spot, where she sells Amala and also commissioned the multi-million naira business complex in Lagos, Lara aka Larrit was absent.

But Larrit kept throwing shades. Though not mentioning names, the shoe merchant, who is said to be in a sizzling romance with Fuji maestro, Pasuma Alabi, obviously had her target.

Larrit, buxom and pretty, is definitely Pasuma’s specification of women he dates. Recall his romance with actress Ronke Odusanya which almost led to the altar but it was halted. According to Ronke, it was a failed affair due to their celebrity status.

She said, “Not all relationships lead to marriage and such was my relationship with Pasuma. Even though we are no longer dating, we are still good friends. The fact that we are both celebrities may have been responsible for our inability to get married. A lot of times, celebrity marriages don’t work out because both parties are in the limelight. This breeds a lot of distrust and problems in the marriage.”

Back to Iyabo Ojo and Larrit’s fight over Pasuma. Obviously, many Lagos girls are not comfortable with the fact that Larrit is dating Pasuma.

“Some actresses have not been comfortable with this affair. Larrit knows this but she’s less bothered. I can’t say it was because of Pasuma that Iyabo Ojo fell out with Larrit but there was a fight that got Larrit a black eye. She didn’t hesitate to put it up on Instagram and called her assailants betrayers,” a source said.

Also rumoured to be part of the gang-up against Larrit are actresses, Faithia Balogun and Dayo Amusa—they have taken sides with Iyabo Ojo.

When Pasuma clocked 50 in November 2017, Iyabo Ojo planned a surprise party for him at her Abula Spot and had many Nollywood stars, including Kemi Afolabi present.

“Larrit is fighting Iyabo Ojo because she betrayed her. They were so close and slept in each other’s houses, ate from same plate and shared many secrets. But she hasn’t come out to say the exact thing Iyabo Ojo did to her but we all know it has to do with Pasuma,” sources close to the two ladies said.
Meanwhile, on Larrit’s post before 2017 ended, she wrote:
“Omolara…2017 is d year u fought soooo hard to discover ur own strength,u discovered ur own highest tolerance,u discovered ur inner peace of mind.U saw d worst of d worst, that could have brought out d beast in any lady but u handled it in a very matured way, U were betrayed,backstabbed,missjudged,lied against,Even slept on d same bed with an enemy that was thinkin i was not aware of her games plan but u took it all in & smile at them all while they thought they were fooling u ? hnmmm instead u embraced them all with more love,u gave them wat u have & left them to there conscience.U smiled @ d pain & laughed over it….
” (sic)

Both ladies attended the 50th birthday party which Pasuma management organised in Lagos. Both were dressed to the nines to the party that had in attendance a large number of actresses who lit up the red carpet.

But Larrit and Iyabo Ojo shunned each other.
Already, Larrit has chosen Monalisa Chinda to be her brand muse.