Estranged Toyin Aimakhu’s Hubby Says No Reconciliation Moves From Him

and well-wishers expecting any form of reconciliation from both actress Toyin
Aimakhu and her estranged husband, Adeniyi Johnson, would have to wait a long
while. This is because Adeniyi revealed to Saturday PUNCH that he has not made
any reconciliatory moves to get his ex back since the marriage broke up; rather
the reverse has been the case.
the rumour that he has been calling Toyin every time in order to see if they
could work on their marriage, the handsome actor said, “This is a blatant lie!
In fact, the reverse is even the case. I can’t even remember the last time I
spoke to her; it probably was sometime last year.  I have never called her
since this controversy started. But she has been the one calling me. I have a
lot of evidence to prove this.”

asked if there are chances of them reconciling, Niyi was not forthcoming with a
response but rather chose to say, “I would rather not talk about it. But I have
to tell you that in a few weeks, things will unfold.”
Last week when Adeniyi Johnson was accused of poisoning Toyin his wife by
one of his followers on Instagram, he kept mum but released a press statement
on all allegations levelled against him including having a love child and that
actress Seyi Edun was pregnant for him.
On whether he poisoned his wife, Adeniyi said, “This report is rather
shocking and very untrue, but for those making this allegation, I would like
you to come forth with your medical report or police report that ever mentioned
she was poisoned while we were together. I have not been with her for the past
one year, where would I have tried to poison her?”