Doris Simeon Finally Takes Her Son Back…Celebrates With Him On Her Birthday

No mother would want to miss this moment. Though she has been given access to see her son about three years back, Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon seems to have got her treasured son, David back from her ex husband, Daniel Ademinokan and his wife, Stella Damasus.
Now temporarily based in the US, Doris, who celebrated her birthday on July 22 but her friends threw a party for her recently where she was spotted having fun with friends and her son.
Recall her ex, Daniel Ademinokan, eloped with another actress, Stella Damasus-Aboderin to the US nine years ago. Daniel took Doris’ only child along with him.
Ademinokan, a Nollywood movie director, was married to actress Doris Simeon and the union produced a son. He left Doris, travelled abroad and put up with Stella, a widow of late Jaiye Aboderin, who had two daughters for the deceased.
Though the divorce and taking her son back was fraught with much drama, Doris was able to see her child when he clocked 10 years old.

Doris and David at the party

She said in an interview, “I can’t say what actually happened. I did not suspect if he was dating any woman or not because we were the best of friends. I trusted him too. When the problem started, I was begging him for reconciliation. I am an orphan with nobody to run to but his family members, who also tried to intervene. At a point they fought with him because he stopped picking their calls, even his pastor. Before the separation, I suggested counselling but he promised to turn around for good. He did not. He would leave the house for some days and would not pick my calls. He also accused me of nagging and policing him around. At a point, he came back and told me it was lack of money that caused the problems. As a good wife, I suggested we pray about it. He told me one day that he wanted to go and see his mother and took our only son with him (the union produced just a child). I didn’t suspect anything because they usually went out together. That was the last time I saw of my then 2-year-old son (year 2000) He never said what the problem was. It was a normal hassle between couples.”