Dayo Amusa Drops Bombshell “What If I’m Married But Not Ready To Reveal To The Public?”

Nollywood Yoruba actress, Dayo Amusa, who was perceived to be a single girl might not be single afterall. The buxom actress who has been romantically linked with a popular Fuji musician, (a serial polygamist), has dropped hints on her marital status.
In an interview with Vanguard, Dayo, who has just released her latest work, a movie, “That Which Binds Us” and taken it to the cinema, revealed that not wearing wedding band doesn’t mean she is not married.


You have mentioned in some interviews that you are fascinated with the concept of love and romance, many will wonder why you are not married yet?

Whenever I’m asked this question I wonder what gives people the impression that I’m not married. Is it because I don’t go around wearing a wedding band? I could be married but decide to keep it away from my public life don’t you think?
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So, are you married?

No I’m not married. I believe marriage is blessed by God and should be honoured by man but then it is not something one should rush into. It is not a shopping mall where you can just go into and buy or do some window shopping and leave when you are tired. Marriage should be done right. Don’t worry, you will hear a wedding bell soon.

You recently stirred up a debate about sex on social media, what were you trying to teach with your post?

I just wrote all I understand about sex in that Instagram post. I wrote that sex is good and unique. If you are lucky to have very good sex you will come alive. It boosts confidence of a woman because she will be happy and smile from within.

How often do you have sex then?

I wouldn’t talk about that, lips sealed.

Aside filmmaking and music, tell us about your other businesses?

I have a production outfit, Amzadol Productions where I produce my movies as well as my music. I have a crèche, I also have a toy store where we deal in kiddies indoor and outdoor toys, clothes, games and what have you.

With such interest in children, do you have a child?
I don’t have a child, my investment in children has nothing to do with whether I have a child or not. It is a good business that I started a long time ago and it is capital intensive. It is just business basically with nothing attached to it.

What is your take on feminism and will you identity yourself as one?

I support feminism but not to the extreme.I won’t identify as a feminist 100 percent.