BBNaija Winner Efe Says, “I Was Happy The Moment Tboss Was Evicted”

Winner, Big Brother Naija 2017, Efe Ejeba, confesses that he was happy when Tboss, was evicted! He also talks about Marvis in this interview

How do you feel being a winner of the Big Brother Naija 2?
I feel great, honoured and grateful to God almighty because I believe I did not do it all alone; on my part I was just in the house doing what I know I do best but I never knew I have this much love outside the house until when I arrived and based on updates my brother have been giving me.I was just been real in the house and I can tell you authoritatively that the Efe you are seeing here is the real Efe as same in the Big Brother house.I feel I represent an average Nigerian youth whom we all know speaks good English but when you are hungry and yearning for something, you tend to deviate to speaking Pidgin English.

What is the status of your relationship with Marvis?

Based on reality, in the house I must say what we had was great, but she has a boyfriend and I have been single even before I got into the house and life must continue.

Were you truly attracted to Marvis?

Yes, I was and we spoke about it even though we were married in the house based on the tasked carried out and sponsored by Heritage Bank. Inasmuch as I like Marvis so much, I can’t force her to be with me as she clearly told me she is going back to her boyfriend.

What was your thought on the statement by T-Boss that she will spend off N25million in a week?
I was totally shocked by her statement and I could remember that I gave a ridiculous look because if you can spend that much in one week then why come for the competition in the first place and I was happy that moment she was evicted from the top three leaving Bisola and I. I guess she spoke out of anger; the irony of the house is that the younger ones tend to know how to manage their anger when it comes to speeches.

What was the feeling like when you were flown for the first time on a plane?
Being the first time, my brother it wasn’t easy at all, I was shivering seriously while we were ascending and descending. I just belt up and held myself tight all through till we got down.

Source: New Telegraph