Actress Opeyemi Aiyeola Celebrates At 40..Shares Stunning Photos

Today, August 29, is her birthday and the pretty Nollywood actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola isn’t keeping calm.
Before midnight on August 28, she posted this:

In few hours I would have spent 40 years in this world. In my almost 40yrs I have seen, felt, fought, walked , ate, drank with people like angels or demons. I have been disappointed and been a disappointment. I have cried, groaned, wailed, smiled, laughed. I have been loved and hated with or without any reasons. I have received divine grace, favour, mercy, hope, health.

I look at my life and all I can say is ‘OSE DADDY

What makes Opeyemi tick?

Married to her beau, Olayiwola Abdulwakil Owolomonse 2007, the delectable actress left everything including a thriving acting career and relocated to United Kingdom.
She had a break from acting but resurfaced in 2013. Still waxing stronger in what she knows to do best—acting.

The mother of two boys talked about her marriage and how it changed her life.
She said, “Marriage has made me to understand that two heads are better than one. Actually, being in the right relationship is a blessing. Life isn’t a bed of roses, but with a good partner and good people around me, and of course, God on my side, I am always victorious.”
Asked what it takes to have a great marriage and she responded:
“God’s grace, true love, contentment, submission and of course, forgiveness.”

Still in th movie industry, Opeyemi, who was in Nigeria early 2017 definitely has much to do in making a mark in her profession.

Happy birthday