Actress Amanda Ebeye Reveals Why She Never Wanted Children

Amanda Ebeye has decided to celebrate a Post-Children’s Day with kids in her Alma mata. Though this should have been done on May 27, it came later.

According to actress and single mum of one, Amada Ebeye, Children’s Day this year was on a weekend, then another holiday on Democracy Day and she could not come from Canada, where she is based to celebrate.
The actress who is currently in Canada studying Filmmaking at the Toronto Film School and also nursing her baby at the same time, sent a cake, soft drinks and children’s gift to Nosakhare Model school in Benin City.

The items were delivered to the school by her Personal Assistant, Emmanuel Bassey.

Amanda Ebeye's gifts to Alma mata
Amanda Ebeye’s gifts to Alma mata

Amanda Ebeye explained the reason behind her gesture.

She said, “When I look at children I see hope, I see mistakes that can be corrected, I see me that can be moulded because their future is so bright, they have a chance to write our wrongs and build a better tomorrow. And that’s why on this day I have chosen to celebrate with our lovely children. I wish I could celebrate with every child out there but unfortunately I can’t and that’s why I go back to my Alma mata to make them know how special they are on this wonderful day.” (sic)

She added that being a mother for the first time has made her appreciate children more than ever, “As a mother, I now have a better understanding of how important children are in our lives. There was a time I didn’t really want kids but now I cannot go past a day without seeing my son smile. I think about him every second. And I tell myself I don’t mind a room full of these little ones lol. So to my son and all the adorable kids out there, Happy children’s day once again and next year we would celebrate it bigger. Lots of love. .So even though children’s day passed over the weekend, we still managed to celebrate once they all got back in school. (sic)

Amanda Ebeye was a student of Nosakhare Model School between 2000 and 2002.