Actor Eddie Watson Gushes About Wife..Says “You Too Much”

The handsome Ghanaian actor writes an open letter to his wife, Naomi:

Dear Wife,
I woke up early this morning and kept thinking… You work 10 to 12hours each day, 6days each week, still manage to raise a child that’s so discipline and intelligent, run your home with cooked meals and not takeaways, school two times a week with school works almost reaching the ceiling, but you still manage to ace all your courses each semester. And I’ve not even named all you do. Congrats! ?????? I couldn’t be more proud. Know that I love and appreciate you big time even if I don’t say it all the time on these things called ‘social media’. I don’t want them to know before someone steals you away.?? Medaa sè paa. Wo y3 too much! ??????
It’s Hubbie

The couple got married in 2015. The marriage has produced a daughter