10 Ways To Cope With A Nagging Wife

Married? Love your wife? Now, what do you hate about her? Are you saying, ‘Oh! She nags a lot?’
There are so many men in your shoes with wives who go on and on about a particular without giving others any rest.
Nagging is known to take a negative toll on marriages and must have wreaked a lot of what holds the union together.
You know what? People who nag have no clue as to what they are doing! But even if you are not able to fully eliminate the problem, there are certainly things that you can do to help.
Having a nagging spouse? Get hold on a few tips to help you out:

Always create a space for yourself
This is not the best option to solve your problem but what alternative do you have if your nagging wife does not understand? As a last resort to save your marriage, you can try leaving the room whenever she starts to nag. Look for somewhere to retreat from the nagging when it erupts. Your best hobby could even be done in this safe haven from the nightmare. Every man should have a hobby to counteract the nagging of a wife. When you feel the nag is about to happen, just go out to the pub, or go for a walk, the key here is to be consistent so that every time a nag is about to occur you just get out of the way.

Ignore the nagging
Difficult as it may sound, it is advisable to ignore her when she begins to nag. When she says stuff that needs to change or the things that need doing, it’s time to either act like you’re deaf or just ignore her and all she stands for when it comes to the nagging. She’ll either get bored because there is no reaction and the nagging ends or she may get pissed off.

Keep her busy
Always try and keep the nagging at bay by taking her out for dinner or just doing something together. With a bit of luck, this could also stop her from nagging because she might have nagged about this. So try and second guess and nip it in the bud before the nag rot sets in.

Listen to her
Chances are that you have heard the following line more than once— ‘You never listen to me!’ To get her off your back, at least pretend like you are listening. Be willing to sit down and have a conversation with her at least once a day. Communication is an essential part of a good relationship and can really help you to deal with a nagging wife.

Shower her with gifts
If the nagging seems like it is never ending, deal with the problem by buying her a gift. Is there something that she has been wanting? Buying her gifts will make her feel special and show her that you truly do care. Shower her with gifts in an effort to deal with nagging.

Pay her a compliment
These little compliments can be spread over a period of time like throughout the week and can be part of an overall plan of gift showering. Don’t overdo it though as this could cause more stress later on, with such things as they might wonder why you are giving them all of this attention.

Do something special for her
Sometimes, all it takes to put a stop to the nagging is for you to do something special for her. Cook her dinner and clean the kitchen so that she can take a break and relax. The nagging may be a result of the stress that she goes through from working and taking care of the family. Do something special for her at least once a week.

Talk about the problem
Find the perfect opportunity to talk about the problem. Whether it’s over a cup of coffee or while you are lying in bed at night, find the right time to make her aware of how the nagging is affecting you. Once again, communication is the key to solving many of the problems in the relationship.

Be willing to share responsibilities
Are you willing to help your wife with the responsibilities that come with raising children? If not, you may have just found the culprit for the nagging. It’s you! Realise that the responsibility of raising and caring for children should be shared. Be willing to be involved as much as you can. Volunteer to transport the kids to extracurricular activities or to take a night of the week for feeding and bathing. The more willing you are to help out, the less nagging you will hear.