Work With Your Spouse Without Stress

Working with your spouse is no bad
idea after all. But depending on how you look at it, it’s either the greatest
thing you could imagine or the worst thing that could ever happen to your
relationship. How can this be done?
home and work

Your home and work relationship are not on same pedestal, therefore, they
should have different dynamics. What is most important is that whatever happens
at home doesn’t carry over to work, and vice versa. Don’t bring your home life
to work.
Soji: We work together but we have a management
that is in charge of our businesses. Our concern is the home front. My wife and
the children are important. At home, it is love and how to take good care of
them. When we get to the office, we discuss business.

Tope: For us to be in the ministry for over 15
years is by the grace of God. The administration of the ministry has been
assigned to my husband and I don’t poke around at all. Mine is to prepare for
programmes. Whenever he gives the signals that all is set, I am ready. If there
is a need for any material— either for my own use or for the home— I make a
request and he provides.At no point in time did we ever quarrel over business
Tope Alabi is a gospel artiste, she is married to Soji

Keeping work and home separate is made easier if you are always respectful of
one another. This goes for both home and work. Always be respectful of your
partner at home, and remember your “please” and “thank you.” At work, even if
one of you is subordinate to the other, maintain that respect.

Sunday: It is fun working together and I do not
treat her any differently from other cast. If maybe she does not get her lines
right, I shout at her and we quarrel about that a lot. In fact, I am harsher on
her and she will tell me later that I did not have to shout on her in the
presence of everybody. I just tell her it is because I want the best out of her
Adewale is married to Toyin, an actress
Find ways to
maintain your individuality

Sometimes when couples work too closely, they find it difficult to maintain a
sense of identity and individuality. Make sure you get enough alone time, even
if it’s just to be alone with your thoughts. Everyone needs a little space.
Tope: Over
the years, we have shared one office but recently, I moved to my shop. I am
into clothing and accessories. In spite of the fact that we are in the same
office, certain things that people expect to trigger a conflict never do. When
we are at work, we take away the fact that we are couple and relate like
colleagues would do
Tope Duker is married to
movie producer, Fidelis Duker

Every talent that translates to a profession produces a
star. If your spouse is the ‘star’ , understand that he/she will be the centre
of attention. Let him/her live the status and shun petty jealousy.
I have always been involved in my wife’s career from day one of marriage. I
took over her management, handled all her legal affairs and so on. It has not
stopped my law practice in any way. Do I get jealous of her male fans? No. She
gives me no reason to entertain fears at all! The truth is, knowledge of your
spouse will determine your state of mind
is married to Lara George, a gospel artiste