‘As His Girlfriend, Klint Da Drunk Bought Me My First Car’

Lilien and comedian Klint da drunk

Forget the way he delivers his craft as a drunken
comedian. Klint Da Drunk, according to his beautiful wife, is quite romantic and
that was the reason he was able to have her hand in marriage.
She said, “My husband is very romantic and that is another
reason I fell for him. He makes a lot of romantic gestures that just melt my
Comedian and actor, Afaemena Igwemba aka Klint da Drunk,
has been married to his wife, Lilien for nine years.
Going down memory lane Lilien also revealed that the ‘drunk
comedian’ is a lover of exotic gifts. In fact, he bought a car for her as his
“Before we got married and started having children, my
best gift used to be the very first car he bought for me.  Then, we were still dating and I did not
expect him to buy it. Over the years, we have exchanged numerous wonderful
gifts that we have lost count,” she recalled.

A wonderful father

Asked if her husband cracks her up at home and she
said, “Klint is a very funny man in and out of the house. He just takes humour
everywhere he goes and as such, there is no dull moment with him.”
As a couple she revealed they have their moment of
bonding. How?
“We try to hang out when he is less busy. We also spend
quality family time together with the kids. Thankfully, in spite of his busy
schedule he is a hands-on father and husband. His family is very important to
him and he is always there when we need him. In that area, he does not fail.”
Wondering what pet names they have for each other?
Lilien said, “He has a ‘secret’ pet name for me that
truly melts my heart. It so funny how much magic that name works when he
addresses me by it,” she said.