What I Want In My Guy— Dayo Amusa Talks At 32

Today is her birthday and it’s time to take
stock of everything including her marital status. For Dayo Amusa, marriage is
good but getting married now is a private affair.

She said,”Marriage is good and is instituted by
God. People who are married should understand that it is a good institution.
Personally, I would not say anything about when I am getting married. It is a
private affair.”
So, what does she want in a man?
“The qualities I look out for in a guy are my
personal business. I do not want it to look as if I am advertising what I want,”
she said.
The actress, who started acting 13 years ago, is
also a school proprietress and musician.

On music, she said, “I see myself as an all-round
entertainer and I try my best to exhibit my different sides. I actually started
with singing, although not professionally but I was accepted first as an
actress. I try to counsel, inspire, advise and encourage people with the movies
I produce. Music is another way of educating and reaching out to people.”
If any of her fans thinks she can lose weight
like some celebs are doing currently, this is bad news.
Dayo said, “People who embarked on a weight loss
journey have a reason to do so. Whatever looks I spot at a particular time has
nothing to do with anyone as long as I am comfortable with myself. I might
decide to lose weight tomorrow but for now, I love the way I am.”

Her staying power in Nollywood? “I would
attribute my staying power to my originality. I try to be as natural as possible,
I hate to quarrel with my colleagues and I do what I do at the right time. Like
my mum would say, ‘be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right
things,” she said.