Video: Watch As Fuji Malaika Shuns Sikiratu Sindodo At Lagos Party

They were lovers. They were very much in love with each other that nobody thought Nollywood actress Tayo Odueke aka Sikiratu Sindodo would not have become Mrs. Tayo Sulaiman Alao by now.
Popularly known as Malaika, Fuji artiste, Suleiman Alao was known to be dating Sikiratu Sindodo and both parties didn’t hide this fact.
At a point, the couple flaunted this affair before all and Tayo even granted an interview to a popular magazine affirming her sizzling romance with Malaika. The easy-going artiste also confirmed the news.
The affair went on for a few years and rumours were rife that there was going to be a Nikkai between the two.
But the affair crumbled like a pack of badly-stacked cards. Sindodo left him. Malaika also walked away.
The musician had two wives before the affair with Sikiratu Sindodo and none can tell if he married the actress before the split.
Well, they met again at a party in Lagos over the weekend and tongues wagged again.
On the bandstand was Malaika and all the guests including Nollywood Yoruba actresses—Faithai Balogun, Sikiratu Sindodo, Dayo Amusan and others— were required to dance and paste naira bills on one another and the musician, who was singing their praises.
Everyone danced. Some pasted naira bills on the musician and he sang their praises to high heavens.
As expected, Sikiratu Sindodo was at the front to dance and also paste naira bills on Malaika.
As she danced and ‘sprayed’ her naira bills, Malaika kept singing praises of someone else and refused bluntly to have an eye contact with her.
She kept pasting the bills and tried maintaining an eye contact with her former lover but he refused and was singing, dancing and praising someone else!
Some of the guests on the dance-floor guessed what was amiss and tried covering up.
But Tayo was miffed and kept pouting her lips with her eyes still on Malaika.
“I don’t blame Malaika for refusing to look into Sindodo’s eyes. She is no longer his lover and he doesn’t want to start anything that would make media sensation.
He is closer to God now and must have made up his mind to stick with the wives at home.
He’s a true Muslim and remember how he settled the age-long score between Fuji musicians—Pasuma Alabi and Osupa at a Ramadan lecture organised by Malaika.
Malaika had invited his two colleagues to the Malaika Alayeluwa fans club Ramadan lecture and prayer held at Batola Car Park, Marina, Lagos Island where the rift was resolved.
The settlement was at the instance of a Muslim preacher Sheik Muyideen Ajani Bello who ministered at the lecturer. Therefore, Malaika must have made up his mind not to have anything to do with Sindodo, who was once married to the current care-taker Chairman of the Lagos State Council of the National Union Of Road Transport Workers, Comrade Alhaji Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya aka Mc Oluomo.
“Malaika must have settled whatever went wrong between him and MC Oluomo concerning his affair(Malaika) with Sindodo and wouldn’t want to delve into anything that has to do with the actress. He doesn’t even send a birthday shout-out on Instagram anytime she is celebrating her birthday,” sources revealed to Opera News.