True Story Behind Dolapo Awosika, John Fashanu & Prophet Kasali Controversy

In the recent past, the social media has been agog with the supposed co-habitation of one Dolapo Awosika, ex-wife of Nigerian-born former international footballer, John Fashanu, and her alleged lover, Muhideen Kasali, who is also said to be a prophet.
The report goes that the estranged wife of the former footballer, who is also a British citizen and has two children with Fashanu, abandoned her matrimonial home, and ran after a supposed prophet, whom she allegedly met while on a prayer mission in Oyo State.
The report further alleged that the said Prophet Kasali kept her against her will under an influence, which has also made her sell her house in Banana Island, and chose to live with the Prophet in a remote corner of Oyo devoid of modernity.

Dolapo Awosika was thoroughly painted black in the report, with some part alleging that she goes to pray with the intention of trapping men, among whom is the richest man in Africa, who she was alleged to have had a daughter with – a child she reportedly foisted on John Fashanu.

John Fashanu

However, in a swift response, Fashanu, through his media team, dissociated himself from the reports, saying that he is a man of honour, and will not descend to the level of throwing stones. He described the report as ‘unscrupulous and malicious content emanating from those drowning and seeking cheap and undeserving fame’. He added that no matter the paternity of the girl in question, he still loves her.
The statement read in part: “This hineous rumour is coming as a calculated distraction at the time the BIG FASH is busy with tours and projects around the world to put smiles on the faces of millions in need, but he will remain unruffled and undeterred from his course. WHETHER THE GIRL IN QUESTION IS BIOLOGICALLY MY DAUGHTER OR NOT, I LOVE HER.
“To the fans and general public, kindly disregard all such news only built on falsehood, social greed, intellectual imbecility and pathological irresponsibility on the part of their promulgators and publishers. They are misleading and only a reflection of emotional drought and sensual starvation.
The statement added that the United Nations Ambassador is very busy at the moment, but at the appropriate time, if need be, he will grant personal interviews and voice cast!
Meanwhile, the lady in the eye of the storm, Dolapo Awosika, has dismissed the story of her running to live with a prophet as lovers, saying it was a calculated attempt by a detractor to ridicule her, adding that the effort has succeeded in making her more popular contrary to expectation.
She bared her mind in a radio interview via phone as recorded below, calling out a certain Mr. Soji as the originator of the rumours surrounding her:

This is Sister Dolapo online. Go ahead, ma
I needed to come out and speak because my family and my friends are worried. It’s getting out of hand because some people think I’ve been kidnapped, which is totally ridiculous. But I want to use this platform to just tell everyone who is worried about me that I’m fine; there’s nothing wrong with me; I’ve not been kidnapped neither am I under any voodoo or ‘jazz’. I do not believe in jazz. I don’t believe in voodoo so it can’t catch me and it will never work with me. I don’t have that background. My mother is a Catholic and I’m a Redeemer, so I don’t have any background of voodoo or jazz, so that is total nonsense.
prophet Kasali

If in this day and age, people still believe that people can be jazzed and all that, I am really sorry for them. Asides that, Mr. Soji who has been slandering and writing a lot of rubbish about me, is half a man, so I refuse to give him audience. I cannot speak to a man who does not respect women. We’re not in the olden days where you can just talk down on women. I’m a woman of integrity and I know my rights. So, I refuse to give audience to a man who does not know anything about me; has never met me and decides to take on another man’s house or personal issues and makes it his own. So, obviously he’s got a lot of issues going on in his life. And I’m not on this platform to insult him or anything, but I just pity him and I pity his wife, honestly
I don’t listen to his show anymore, but people that are concerned have sent me one or two things that he is saying about me. To be honest with you, I laugh because I know the people behind this. Now, if you hold the kind of position that I hold, if you sit in the kind of place that I’m sitting, of course you are going to have enemies. You will have enemies. Daddy is a wonderful person, he is a man of God, he is well respected. Like I said to you earlier on, to the best of my knowledge, he was living separately with his wife ‘cause there are so many women out there who would love to be in my position. Please Dorcas, so why won’t they gang up and write rubbish about me? Of course they would do that. You know the funniest thing? Let me make you laugh. For you to know, I actually had a call from one of them this morning and the person called and was saying to me, asking me how frustrated I am. You know, wanting to know, like, “I hope we are getting to you” and everything. I was just laughing; a woman for that matter! Do you understand? So, there’s a lot of nonsense going on. I know where this is coming from and I realise that I’m the main target here, do you understand? I realise that I’m the main target here. The people who were stealing from him want me out. The people who want to be in the position that I’m in now want me out, so, hello Dorcas, of course, I’m going to make enemies. So, I’m just sitting and I’m laughing because I was already told about this a couple of months back, do you understand, that I’m going to face persecution, do you understand? Jesus Christ was persecuted, Buhari, the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, is being insulted and abused. Mrs. Jonathan Goodluck was insulted when she was the wife of the president. Who am I for them not write rubbish and blog about me? Do you understand? Even Ooni of Ife and his new wife, for God’s sake, are being insulted. So, why would I complain? So, I’m sorry. Sticks and stones won’t break me! Honestly. So, please Mr. Soji, continue to blog. You’re just making me famous for the next level of my life. I’ve always liked to do things from behind. I don’t like to show my face but I’ve just realised that when you have a calling and God wants people to know you, He will push you out whether you like it or not. Watch Baba’s Facebook, I don’t show my face. I’ve got nothing to hide; God has blessed me, in every possible way that a woman can be blessed. And for your information, all those of you that are listening, no, I did not go to Baba for anything. To the glory of God, I didn’t have any problem. I went there for a friend.

No no no, there’s no need to bring that up, do you understand? A friend had issues and she asked me to go there for her. She doesn’t live in this country and I was coming back from London to Nigeria. And that’s what I went for. And Baba can say that; he can confirm what I’ve just said. So, I didn’t go to do anything, I don’t go to ori-oke. As for the picture that is being brandished up and down, Dorcas, I look good without makeup and I look good with makeup! Do you understand? I’m a party-popper! When I need to go to a party, I know how to put on the things that I need to put on and I will look like a million dollars. I was praying yesterday, why would I wear makeup to go and pray? I was praying; it was a praying period yesterday for me and I was praying, so I’m sorry, I love myself even if anyone doesn’t like me. And the people around me love me as well. So, please, this is a platform for me to tell all those people who are writing nonsense about me, who are hoping I’d leave where I’m at, tell them I said “I ain’t going nowhere”. I’m here and I’m here to stay. And then please, I don’t know why Mummy ….. is so upset with me and I love that woman. I don’t know. Do you know the funniest thing is, I was telling Daddy, I said “look, you guys are live, most of you are live. So please…”, but for reasons best known to Daddy, he said that God asked him to speak. So, if a man of God tells you God asked him to speak, what do you want me to say? He should listen to me? I would never impose myself on a man. I said my bit, he said he needed to listen to his God and I’ve left him to answer his master. So, it had nothing to do with me. So please, Mr. Soji can continue, you don’t have enough information, I’m sorry, you really don’t. So please, go ahead. And the people who are paying you to write the rubbish about me, don’t worry, they are coming back to me to check if it’s hitting me.
Sweetheart, it’s not hitting me at all. I’m on my way to work now. (We even have proof of their payment, Soji ole. Ole).They are paying him and they are coming back to me. Look, Dorcas, when people send you messages and tell you we are going to destroy you and we will go to any length, do you understand? And then something like this happens, will you be shocked, surprised or pained? God prepared me for this and He’s fighting my battles for me. If it was someone else with common sense, maybe I will respond to him. If it was a woman writing this, I probably would respond. But for a man to stoop so low and try and, you know, drag a woman through the mud for a matter that does not concern you, I’m very disappointed. Every time I think about him, I just cringe. Why would a man go to such lengths to destroy someone you don’t know? I’m not surprised. Dorcas, let me say it out loud now for anyone who is listening to this. I have enemies and they are very plenty and I’ve just started having enemies because the sky is not my limit, it is the beginning. I’m going places and I’ve just started. And my enemies are making me stronger.

Source: TheBossNewspaper