Transfers LIVE: Man City Could Ship Grealish To AC Milan In Raphel Leao Exchange

The future of Rafael Leao at Milan always holds the bench but his time Pioli is dealing with a crazy exchange. The 22-year-old Portuguese striker, fresh from a World Cup in which he scored 2 goals, is one of the most sought-after players in Europe and his assessment doesn’t scare the big Europeans.

Leao has his contract expiring in June 2024 and finding a square for a possible renewal is still not possible. This, in addition to leading Milan to think of a plan B, exposes the Rossoneri to constant requests from the more financially solid clubs. A proposal arrives from England that makes Pioli and Maldini frown.

Grealish-Leao exchange, Milan sideways

It would appear that Manchester City are willing to attempt an offensive to bring Rafael Leao to England next summer. The Citizens would have put Jack Grealish on the plate , a left winger who cost the City a good 117 million euros.

However, the English striker has never performed as expected of him and Guardiola is certainly willing to sacrifice him. AC Milan , on the other hand, is not at all convinced by the direct exchange proposed by the English, mainly for two reasons. The first is certainly represented by Grealish ‘s high salary , which stands at around 15 million pounds (17 million euros), then there is also the difference in age and performance in the future to consider. 

Leao is still 23 years old and could potentially explode even more in the coming months. Maldini said he would be more willing to negotiate a more substantial renewal with the Portuguese footballer, rather than shelling out 17 million euros a year for a player who certainly does not have one of his best qualities in continuity. For now, the quick Grealish-Leao exchange certainly doesn’t suit Milan and Guardiola will hardly be satisfied by Stefano Pioli .