Toyin Aimakhu Is A Failure…She Has No House, No Car, Her Many Lies—Lizzy Anjorin

There is indeed trouble brewing in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood.
Just as Toyin Abraham’s lawyers have issued a notification to actress, Liz Anjorin to withdraw all that she has said about Toyin on her Instagram handle and also tender an apology,Lizzy Anjorin has granted an interview to GBOAH TV and revealed what she thought of Toyin Abraham and her lifestyle.
Here is Toyin’s lawyers letter and Toyin captions it as:

Silence is not golden. Rather than wrestle with a pig, it might be ideal to let the pig know that it belongs in the pen. No longer speaking on this, my management team and attorneys are taking this up. Cc @bbbmedia @officialsamolatunji1
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Meanwhile, Lizzy, who just returned from Mecca has called Toyin Abraham a bastard.
Explaining why she called Toyin a bastard, Lizzy alleged that Toyin hardly helps others in the entertainment industry.
“Not everyone in this industry can put food on their table. Not everyone enjoys what some of us are enjoying, We all know its tough being an actor in Nigeria. So, for someone with a large fan base like Toyin, what has she done to help those who cant make ends meet? Where was she when Baba Suwe was ill?
Toyin, you are a bastard. Yes, I call you a bastard.
What have you achieved in life? Instead of you to make use of the numerous fans and make money, you are using them to harass your colleagues. Everyone knows what you do with those fans and fake handles of yours. I never believed them until you did to me.
Well, you said I am jealous of your success. Which success? But for the fact that we met in the industry, you would have filled10 forms before meeting with me.
“I can shout and react when anyone hurts me but I forgive easily and even when I quarrel with someone, that doesn’t mean that I would block you from succeeding. Everyone knows Lizzy Anjorin that I don’t block people from succeeding.
Toyin, it took you 10 days after you gave birth before announcing to the world. Why? You gave birth at a traditional birth attendant facility in Lagos but sold a lie that you gave birth abroad.
You now hired a costumier to take photos for Instagram sake.
Toyin, you said I am jealous of your success. Which success? Do you have a house? You don’t even have a car?
The baby you gave birth to is like my grandchild because I have a grown up daughter who can give birth. Just because we are all wearing jeans you think I am your mate?
You are a failure.”