Too Many Tragedies, Is K1 De Ultimate Under Spell? By Lawrence Idah

All seems not well with popular Fuji Musician, Mr. Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, widely known as K1 De Ultimate. The Fuji Musician has within a space of three (3) weeks lost two key members of his band. K’s lead Vocalist, Mr. Oladipupo Aderibigbe and a key saxophonist in the band, Mr. Joel Ajayi both died recently under rather mysterious and inexplicable circumstances.

Mr. Oladipupo Aderibigbe is reported to have mysteriously died on the 25th of November 2018 after a brief illness from which he had recovered only to die subsequently a few hours later. Similarly, Mr. Joel Ajayi was reported to have suffered from an undisclosed ailment, went into coma and thereafter died on 9th December, 2018, just three weeks from the death of his colleague in the band, Oladipupo Aderibigbe.

As if K1 has not suffered enough blows from the hands of fate, today, the 22nd December, 2018, the Justice Department of the United States of America arrested the 26 year old son of the Fuji Musician, Sultan Omogbadebo Anifowoshe, along with nine (9) others in Chicago, in connection with a $2 million wire fraud scheme for which they have been already charged to court if convicted of the offence, they would each bag a maximums sentence of 20 years.

Observers are positing that these tribulations and trials could be fate’s way of repaying K1 for the pain and heartache he has caused countless persons (including many of his numerous children who he has callously refused to cater for in spite of his ill gotten wealth) and fellow Fuji Musicians over the years. The man is known to have built his fame and fortune on the betrayal, deceit, hypocrisy, the use of diabolical and demonic manipulations and through cold-hearted treachery.

In addition to these vices, he’s a proud, arrogant and ungrateful man. It is widely known that his career as a Fuji Musician is built, mentored and financed by a late Fuji maestro, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister who (even in death) is regarded by all to be the King of Fuji Music. It is on record that he once worked for the late legend as an errand boy whose duty it was to pack the Musical instruments used by Barrister and his band after performances. Rather than acknowledge Barrister’s contribution to his career, he has never shown any iota of gratitude, affection or affinity for his mentor’s contribution to his life and career. No wonder, he does not see eye to eye with other Fuji Artistes like Obesere, Saheed Osupa among others.

Rather than acknowledge his Benefactor, he covets his Mentor’s title and has consistently held out and carried himself as the King of Fuji in an effort to appropriate and arrogate to himself the revered title of his deceased benefactor.

K1 just recently displayed his penchant for treachery and for stabbing his benefactors in the back when he publicly denounced and attacked Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, the incumbent Governor of Lagos during the period of the Governor’s political travails. Obviously, his grouse with Ambode is that the Governor did not share the spoils of office with him after he had worked for the Governor’s election into office during the 2015 election, which proved fallacious after fact-checking his statement. To the knowledge of many social media users, he publicly boasted that they have chased the Governor from office by invoking the demonic ‘Oro’ Spirit to banish the Governor from Lagos and from his seat as Governor!

It is rather very sad that an immoral and irresponsible man like K1 who is known for hobnobbing with questionable characters like drug peddlers and money launderers over the years as well as being incapable of managing his home and personal affairs believes or is being misled by some persons to believe that he has the capacity or moral authority to dictate the political leadership of Lagos State while he resides in his hometown, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

Given his penchant for deceit and fraud as well as his notoriety for the use and practice of black magic or occultist rituals, the mysterious deaths of two members band under inexplicable circumstances should be investigated by the police authorities because it may not be beyond the man to kill for gain.

Furthermore, the United States Police authorities should broaden their investigation to determine whether K1 is a member of the criminal syndicate involved in the $2 million wire fraud scheme for which his son has been arrested and is standing trial in the U.S. it is very likely that K1 is an active member of the criminal syndicate or has been engaged to help the syndicate launder and move money.

Perhaps, the demonic ‘oro’ spirit which K1 De Ultimate allegedly sent to the Governor and which he allegedly frequently uses to torment his enemies or perceived enemies has backfired and come back to haunt and torment him, his family and associates. Until he denounces his evil ways and repents, he will continue to reap the evil seeds he so recklessly and intentionally sows around.

Lawrence Idah writes from Benin, Edo State