The deceitful boyfriend

       The deceitful boyfriend
Ladies, how do you discern a boyfriend who is full of deceits?

·     He often
tries to embarrass you or make you look bad in front of anyone or everyone,
especially after you have begged him to stop. This can be a major sign that he
does not care for you as a friend but rather as a source of amusement.
·     He is mean to
you or makes fun of you all the time. A mean friend may try to take advantage
of you or possibly push you around just to lower your self-esteem.
·     He is always breaking
his promises to you.
·     He likes to
belittle your accomplishments. Sometimes, he will praise your work to your
face, but when you turn your back, he makes fun of you. Being two-faced is not
a sign of a real friend.
·     His
friendliness increases whenever he wants you to do something for him. 
·     He likes to
ignore you and what you say. He also fails to introduce you to friends and
acquaintances.  He would like to talk
about himself and not care one bit about you. 
He can act very nicely to you one day and the next,he may act as though
he has no idea who you are. 
·     He is very
friendly towards you when other friends are not around. This may mean that he
is talking to you out of boredom.
·     He would lash
out at you for little mistakes or for pointing out his mistakes to him.
·     He has no
respect for the things you like or dislike. You may be somebody who enjoys
attending art exhibitions, museums, and going to musical theatres. If he
doesn’t  support these hobbies,  he is not a true friend.