Spend Time With Your Spouse This Holiday

The holiday season is here. Its a time to put back the spark in your relationship.
Married? Then here are tips to help your bonding time

1.Visit a spa: A couple can go and get a massage together, he can get a haircut while she gets hers coloured. Spending time at a spa doesn’t just allow you to get pampered but it’s also a great stress reliever.

2. Organise a picnic: Instead of putting a dent in your wallet, plan a picnic in the park. You can bring a nice blanket from home, a good meal, and even a bottle of wine; if you choose. Not only will you be saving money you will be giving your spouse your complete and total attention.

3. Shopping: Plan a shopping trip when you know it will benefit the both of you. If you have an occasion to attend, help each other pick out an outfit. This will help your husband tolerate a day of shopping and enjoy his time with you.

4. Swimming: It’s another good way to de-stress and be totally relaxed.

5. See a new movie: This can be at home or you go to the cinemas with your spouse. It relaxes and creates a romantic ambience.