Single Ladies, Here’s Why You Are Still Not Married

She is 32, going to be 33 in a few weeks as she marks her birthday. Tall, pretty, dark-complexioned and with a good job, you would assumed that she has been ‘taken’ by a lucky man. But she hasn’t been taken!
She is single, comfortable but the men aren’t coming. Even her male colleagues at work ignore her.Could this be diabolical? What has happened?

Here are steps to take to avoid joining an already full queue of super single gals:

1. Pay more attention to your personal life: It’s good to have a successful career and be the lady boss; but it’s also good to mind one’s personal life. Having all-round success in business also means having a peaceful, restful and amazing personal life. By personal life here, I mean that aspect of your life that accommodates intimacy.
Hear Sandra, 40: “I was so determined to succeed that I didn’t pay much attention to my personal life but my attention was on my work life, my career. In the last five years I have been praying to God about my career and not on relationship. I was talking to God about my career. Until recently, I realize this is a critical moment and I started praying for an incredible guy. I am 40 now and more than ever, I am ready. I can’t wait to be a wife, mum and I can’t wait for that to happen. I love kids so much.”

2. See yourself as a woman: It amuses me when ladies rubbish men and shove them aside that ‘I don’t need men. I can do without men” Who says? Every lady, who is not a nun or an avowed lesbian, definitely needs a man! For sex only? No! For companionship, to share ideas, give helping hands and make you know that you are the softer and weaker vessel. Lola, a single lady said, “On my 36th birthday, I pray that I find an amazing guy, finally have regular sex, have a bunch of kids and continue to impact my world.”
3. Go Out and Hang Out With Friends: That you have a nice job does not mean you cannot have a nice time out with friends or even colleagues. Don’t be too hooked on to your career and shun social life. Anita, 36, revealed: “Just that I don’t go out much and I don’t get to meet people. Until two weeks ago, in the last 6 years, since 2010, I work from home. On weekends, I go to very specific places with very specific people. So, I don’t hang out where I can find guys.”

4. Don’t Hide Your Status: “Don’t wear engagement ring when you are a bloody spinster looking for a guy! Who do you want to deceive? On the other hand, there is nothing wrong making people around you know that you are single. Don’t be afraid of being match-made with someone nice and ‘cool.’ AA lady confessed unashamedly in the interview that, “Now, I have told all my friends to start introducing me to single guys so that I can have some options. Hopefully very soon, I am going to find someone. I am going to come out more and hang out more.

5. Be Ready: That simply means physical, mental and spiritual. If you have not sorted yourself out with certain psychological issues, don’t bother dating a guy. Why? It will crash especially of you were on a rebound. Physically, take care of yourself, ignore clothes that make you look like one old hag and start dressing like a Bae! Who says there are no curvy clothes for you even if you are not a teenager? Please get the right clothes, embrace slight make-up and please don’t ignore social media space—even the oldest person on earth still seeks attention. No harm seeking attention on your social media space but don’t be a nuisance.