#SaveMayowa Not A Scam—Family

Early today, Linda Ikeji broke the news that the
#SaveMayowa campaign, which had gone viral where kind hearted Nigerians were
able to raise over $100k to her do operation for her ovarian cancer was a scam.

She shocked many people in the country when she reported that Mayowa’s family
scammed Nigerians as they still appealed for funds, when they did not need it for
any surgery.

Mayowa’s sister, Ahmed Marian has come out to debunk the news stating the Linda
Ikeji’s publication is false where she wrote on her social media handle

“Please to the public this is so fake, no more GoFunds on behalf of Mayowa
and whoever is behind this shame on you. Please disregard any information/s
about her pls.
If you need any info please kindly get in touch with me please and will bring
more info tonight again, whoever created this acct shame on you again and
lastly to all our Pastors, Alfas and traditionalists and everyone please she
needs our prayers more now please and I’m sure god wants to use Mayowa case to
let us know we Nigerians love ourselves and we are the best country in the
world.”, she wrote on her page.”

She also issued another statement where she mentioned:

“I don’t know why Toyin Aimakhu and Linda Ikeji are saying we are scamming
Nigerians. It’s a lie! No doctor ever told us my sis cannot survive this they
just told us to do something and take her out of the country. Nigerians we did
not scam u ooo it’s a lie oo. Linda Ikeji has never been in this story and now
she’s just cooking up everything to just…
“Right now my sis is in d room crying. I don’t know what Linda wants from
us. It is true. she has ovarian cancer. We sent the medical report we posted
everything on line. At least we posted everything online.
“No doctor ever told us it’s stage four. It’s not until two weeks ago they
told us she has ovarian cancer. So even if we know she’s going to die we have to
do something. Nobody even asked her to do the video she did it herself she’s
tired.. I don’t know where Linda cooked d stor,” (sic) she told PulseNG
Due to the development that has erupted over the Linda Ikeji story, Nigerians
are giving her different type of online jabs asking why she should publish such
‘unprofessional’ post.

Here is the statement released by the family:
Hello all,

We have been called by friends, family and everyone who has our contacts that
our raising funds for Mayo is a scam. We were also informed that some persons
had made statements concerning her state and her ability to pull through this

As a family we wish to make these affirmative statements:

· Mayowa is presently in LUTH receiving treatments that will prepare her for
7hr trip to Abu Dhabi. We have also engaged the services of the Flying Doctors
to accompany her on the trip based on recommendation by the Doctors in LUTH
(Form attached)

· Mayowa is receiving treatment in LUTH to allow her be able to travel as
advised by the Doctors in LUTH and she has been transfused to help improve her

· The funds are solely for Mayowa’ s treatment and for no other reason.

· We await her Visa for travel documents to commence the journey as we are in
touch with the doctors abroad and they are awaiting her arrival.

We appreciate the contributions made by Nigerians on this journey. mayowa will
live to tell this story and you shall be one of the audiences by His grace.

Please support us with prayers as you will surely be told the success story as
we have not given up on mayowa living her life and we will never give up until
the work God has started is finished.

Thank you once again and will provide updates on her treatment and procedures.


The Ahmed Family