Saidi Balogun 50th Birthday Party: Real Reason Faithia & Kids Were Absent

The estranged couple shares the same birthday—February 5.

Zinnat and Jamal, Not Faithia's kids
Zinnat and Jamal, Not Faithia’s kids

On their birthday of 2017, many friends, fans, families and colleagues sent birthday shout-outs to them with many merging their photos together and wishing them a better new year. In fact some prayed that they re-unite as husband and wife.

But it seems there is no coming back for actors and parents, Saidi and Faithia Balogun reports Kemiashefonlovehaven.

Saidi, his kids, Zinnat and Jamal (Not Faithia's kids)
Saidi, his kids, Zinnat and Jamal (Not Faithia’s kids)

Both Saidi and Faithia didn’t send birthday shout-outs to each other. Some feelers from the movie industry said they were not on speaking terms but the last time they were seen talking together was in June 2017 at the Artistes/Tribute Night held in honour of late actress, Moji Olaiya.

However, Saidi decided having his birthday party on July 7, and it witnessed a large turnout of artistes and actors.

Surprisingly, the celebrator cut the birthday cake with friends, colleagues and then with two of his children, Zinnat and Jamal.

But Faithia, the two children she had with Saidi—Khalid and Aliyah—were absent.

Sources close to Faithia said she wasn’t invited.

Faithia 3 kids with Dayo Amusan Aliyah and Khalid are on last two on the right
Faithia 3 kids with Dayo Amusan
Aliyah and Khalid are on last two on the right

“Who would attend a party she wasn’t invited to? Remember they are divorced and she is not obliged to attend his event,” the source told Kemiashefonlovehaven.

At least she should have allowed her kids attend the event and mix with the other children.

The source said, “Well, it’s a decision taken by a family and I know if Saidi had invited them (Faithia and kids) and sent the children aso-ebi, they would have attended even if their mum wasn’t attending.”

Most guests observed that there was no lady beside Saidi throughout the duration of his four-day event.

Recall that after his divorce from Faithia, Saidi had remarried one Funke Elegushi, a younger sister to HRM Oba Saheed Elegushi, Kusenla III of Ikate land, Lagos. They lived together in their Magodo GRA, Lagos home.

Saidi and Funke were seen together for some years (maybe four) and in 2016 when he celebrated his 49th birthday, she told a magazine who called her to make a wish for her husband on his birthday that she was never married to him!
She said, “Please, go and ask him. He’s the one doing birthday. Call him. I don’t have any wish for him. I wish him well. Saidi is not my husband. I don’t have a husband. I’m not married. I’m still single.’

Meanwhile, before marrying this woman, Saidi had dated actress Funke Adesiyan.

Did Adesiyan attend the 50th birthday party?
Of course not! She was absent. Instead, she attended Liz Anjorin’s premiere, which also took place in Lagos.
Surprisingly, another wife of Saidi (maybe the first before Faithia) attended the party. She declined any interview but sat among the guests the event throughout.

Back to Faithia and Saidi.
They were married for six years. Their marriage took place on September 7, 2000, at the Ikorodu Marriage Registry, Lagos. However, they were officially divorced on January 17, 2014.

Meanwhile, the marriage which produce two children—a boy and a girl—was fraught with several years of allegations and counter-allegations of infidelity and battery between the couple which culminated in an ugly split.

Saidi, who had filed a petition seeking for a divorce in April 12, 2013, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ and maintained that Faithia had deserted him for a continuous period, over one year before 2006 when both parties have lived apart.

Saidi had stated in his petition that Faithia Williams had treated him in such a way that it can no longer be reasonably expected to live with her under the same roof as husband and wife.

The famous actor therefore sought among others in his petition, the order of the court to dissolve the marriage and also to be given unfettered access to the children of the marriage.