Rumpus In Aso Rock As Aisha Buhari Arrives Unannounced…Meets Her Room Locked

There was commotion earlier this morning we can authoritatively tell you as Aisha BUHARI, Nigeria’s first Lady who has been out of the country for months suddenly showed her face in the seat of government.
Abujareporters, exclusively reported her return about an hour ago. We gathered that her coming back to Aso Rock was not without fuss as it was obvious something was amiss.
Aisha was said to have met her section of the Villa locked which she did not like and decided to take up with the people around. It was also reliably gathered that she met someone, whose name we could not ascertain around the section and wondered aloud how the person got there. She was visibly angry and it was obvious that there was more to her arrival and subsequent lock out
Aisha has been having a running battle with her husband and some forces she claimed during the husband’s first term, hijacked his government.