Remi Surutu’s Daughter Told Mum Before Death, “Let Me Leave You So That You Can Rest”

This is an opinion by a close friend of Nollywood Yoruba actress Remi Oshodi aka Remi Surutu who lost her firstborn, Ileriayo on Sunday July 2, 2017.

Femi Davies, a journalist, wrote:

It took me this long to be able to pen this message since I heard the death of Ayo, Remi Oshodi, popularly referred to as Remi Surutu’s first daughter.

I spent time with Remi yesterday and I must confess she is a very strong woman.

As a close friend for almost 20 years, Remi lived her life for her 2 children, more for late Ayo who grew up with the dreaded sickle cell anemia.

As a single mother, I saw her endure abusive relationships, transverse all over the world, hustle seriously so that her children can be well trained and well brought up. Remi, you did your best!

So much so that the last words AYO uttered was “Remi let me leave you to go and rest so that you can live a good life.”

Ayo left so that you can live.

Remi, God is your strength, in the last 3 years people don’t know why you were not seen in movies and social circle, you are indeed a mother, God will comfort you. God will gift you grace to be a good mother to her sister, God will bring you back to your feet!

As the remains of Ayo be lowered on Thursday at Ebony Vault Ikoyi, I pray that God will touch the lives of all who are in mourning mood, console them and give them several reasons to smile.

Nigerians, pls help pray for Remi, she seems very strong now, but I feel her cracked inside,God will be with her.

Rest In Peace Ayo.