Real Reason Sammie Okposo’s Marriage Hasn’t Crashed

Known to be a Cassanova, who has been scandalised by some intimate affairs
he had with some celebrity ladies, it’s a huge surprise that gospel artiste,
Sammie Okposo, could celebrate six years of marital bliss.
He got married to beautiful Ozioma six years ago.
The artiste, who dated veteran actress Kate Henshaw, was alleged to have
been violent in the relationship. The actress was alleged to have walked out of
the affair due to this. Sammie also fathered a child with Gloria Ibru.
This morning July 1, 2016, he posted on Instagram: “God be praised HWA to
us. Its 6 years today July 1st. It’s been 6 happy blissful wonderful
years married to you Ozioma Sammie Okposo. I thank God for the day you were
born because when God created you, He was definitely thinking about me. You are
the love of my life. I will spend the rest of my days loving you. I celebrate
you my queen. You are best. God bless and keep you for me.”

This might sound strange coupled with the interview Sammie granted four
weeks ago that he had no ‘side chic.’ Of course, some people didn’t believe him
but it’s obvious his wife Ozioma had put in her best in the relationship.
A calm woman, even Sammie said it in an interview, “My wife
is very calm. She understands my job. The fact that it exposes me to females or
the fear of me straying away never arises. Ozioma is peaceful and all of these
help me relax. I will attribute all of these to her orientation and upbringing.
She supports me in all I do and is a prayer warrior. My wife will pray any
issue away.”

The beautiful woman also gave
her winning key, “When I said yes, I already knew I would be getting married to
two men, Mr. Samuel Uyi Okposo, the gentleman and Sammie Okposo, the celebrity.  I live with the former at home and live with
the latter outside.  I’ve learnt by the
grace and strength of God to manage this like a mother who has twins with two
extreme individual differences, you cannot assume they should like or dislike
the same things because they are twins. Been able to recognise which twin is
standing before you at any time is wisdom.”