Places You Can Get A Spouse

Why Weep over not getting a spouse when you can easily walk into a spouse in any of these plaes?
You are in your 20s, you are young and adventurous.
You can walk into any place in your jeans and t-shirt and get to relate with anyone.

But you have to be careful of who to relate with.

1. Schools : An undergrad or post graduate student? There is every likelihood that you could meet someone here.

2 . Social gathering : Whether you like it or not, parties, concerts or shows are still one of the places to hook a beau or babe. That you met there doesn’t make that person irresponsible or indecent.

3.Weddings: Many have met spouses at weddings. As bridesmaids, groomsmen or as a wedding guest, wedding parties are avenues to be found if you are single. Be lively, friendly and don’t have airs around you! Someone made up his mind to get a wife at that wedding and it could be you.

4.Restaurants/eatery: Acceptable as long as he/she is not looking for who to take home for the night! You cannot erase the fact that you would bump into someone somewhere who needs what you have physically or character – wise. Be vigilant and conduct yourself appropriately.

5. Introduction : This is subtle matchmaking. A friend talks about a friend to a friend, shows pictures and that friend wants you. You get introduced and if likes beget likes, it works or vice versa.

.. To be continued.