Photos Of Rachel Bakam’s Visit To A Healthy-Looking Babangida In Minna

Many were not surprised when photos of award-winning media personality Rachel Bakam aka Rachel the piper, surfaced online where she had gone on a visit to Minna.

The beautiful Rachel had gone to see former President/Head-of-State, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida at the famous Hilltop mansion in Minna, Niger State.

An excited Rachel, who is a Peace and Tourism Ambassador must be excited over this and splashed photos online. For one who was rumoured to have been ill, the former President looked healthy.

“He is my mentor and as a mentee, I went with my team on a visit to see him,” she enthused and wrote on social media.

“I was at the home of my dear mentor, former President of Nigeria in Minna Niger State, His Excellency Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida❤His gracefulness, intelligence, fine etiquettes, attention to details, attentive nature, charisma, courtesy, aura and more always amazes me. He took time to go through every word written in the card my team and I presented to him. I learn something impactful each time I am with him.

“I have always loved Him and Our First Lady then; Her Excellency Maryam Babangida. God rest her soul. A woman who stood out in terms of how she supported her husband yet carved a very unique niche in terms of style, relationship with Nigerians, humanitarian acts, charismatic feats etc???Remember the famous hair scarf trend she inspired which was fondly referred to as ‘Maryam Babangida’❤We rocked it.
Thanks for the warm reception Your Excellency

Yes Arewa to the rest of the World. Watch out!!! SOMETHING BIG IS COMING???
All for the progress and unity of our beloved Country Nigeria✌
” (sic)