Peter Okoye, Lola Omotayo Celebrate 6th Wedding Anniversary Despite Family Acrimony

Its their sixth wedding anniversary today, November 17 and Peter Okoye, who is a faction of the Psquare split group decided to celebrate his wife, Lola Omotayo.
The singer, who turns 38 on Monday, announced their sixth wedding anniversary in a brief post on Instagram on Sunday.
What was,still is and forever will be🤗🥰😍💍 Happy Anniversary!!!💍💍” he wrote.
Recall the singing twins are sworn enemies currently and they have stopped joint performance.

Peter, who said in an interview that he separated from his brother Paul because he insulted his wife, Lola and his two kids,has chosen to stick to his wife despite the hatred shown her by Paul and Jude Okoye.
He had revealed a side of Lola most people never knew when they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.
Then, he wrote:
“We’ve been together for over 16years and married for 5yrs. You are still the same woman and I will never forget the day I met you. How you used to book shows for us and all due to the fact that you worked in an agency (FKG2). I remember how our former manager Howie-T used to tell us how nice you were to us getting us shows and all. Today the world doesn’t know all that. Instead they call you Gold digger. If anyone should be called Gold digger here, it should be me 😁 I remembered you gave me your official car few weeks after we moved into lagos and started dating. That was the first time in my life experiencing a car with air conditioning 🙈 and every night i would sleep inside the car.🙈 You made me a better man Lola and i owe you nothing but love and loyalty. Let me stop here because it’s our Wedding Anniversary. No need for too much talk. Happy Wedding Anniversary to us Lola we are so blessed and should be grateful to God for keeping us alive and together; failure is not our portion.
Thank you for accepting me as I am flaws & all. Thank you for the greatest gifts, our children. Thank you for helping me (us) through our career; for all the gigs, free consultations etc. Thank you for standing by me regardless of all the untruths spread about you. Thank you for caring for my Mother till her final days, even accommodating her church pastors in your home for weeks. Thank you for being an exceptional role model to our kids and being the best partner for me. I’m thankful for you, you get me, specially made for me till infinity. Oh lest I forget, thank you for my 1st air conditioned experience.”